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Strangest Trip Ever

This trip just barely qualifys as level four (according to the description).

This trip just barely qualifys as level four (according to the description). It was without question my strangest mushroom trip ever.

I started out the day by purchasing 7 grams of what was a mix of psilocybe cubensis, and supposedly other psilocybe mushrooms. I talked with a friend who had recently done them, and he claimed that they were so intense that 1.75 grams caused a trip lasting over 8 hours. I was sceptical. He told me that a qhole quarter would be waaaaay too intense to do, so I decided to do an eighth, instead of the full 7 grams.

I spent the the evening at a friend's apartment. Everyone there was drunk, except for one friend who was on an eighth of the mushrooms. He said they were VERY whacked out..

At 9:30, I left and bought some things for the night of tripping. 3 flavors of pop rocks, and even some potato chips for post-trip munchies. Well I caught the bus home, and arrived at 10:20.

At 10:25, I ate around 7 (3.5 grams) of vitamin C pills, as I heard they potentiate mushrooms. At 10:40, I dumped about an eighth of the 7 grams into a coffee mug, crushed them up, and then added boiling water. I let it steep for a good 5 minutes or so, and then added an ice cube and drank it down, making sure to pulverize the wet mushrooms into a fine puree before swallowing. About ten minutes later, 10:55, I was feeling nothing. I then went down to my bedroom. I turned off the lights, and still felt and saw NOTHING. By 11:20, I was very skeptical and decided to eat the remaining eighth. After eating, I still felt nothing. I brought out the ten-chunk I bought earlier that week, and loaded up my pipe, and smoked a bowl with my sleeping bag over my head (and the rest of my body). It filled with smoke, and I sat there for a few seconds before coming out. I felt stoned, but also a little strange. I didn't feel any of the usual mushroom effects (like the dulusion of a loss of urinary control, pastels, etc). I went for a bath, and took the bag of chips with me. I had a small bath, and I started to feel high. The tile patterns really started to trip me out, and after another ten minutes or so, I was seeing lines on the tiles. I turned off the lights and sat down. I saw geometric patterns EVERYWHERE. I turned the lights back on, and noticed that I was feeling pretty fucked. At about 11:55, I went back down to my room, and had another bowl. This time I sat for five minutes inhaling the smoke from under the sleeping bag. When I got out, I was beginning to trip. I put on a record (Goldie) and started to eat pop rocks in my bed. I was tripping hard. As I turned off the lights in my room, I hallucinated my ass off. The pop rocks really screwed up the trip... I then turned on the TV, and south park was on. I couldn't make sense of it AT ALL. So I turned off the tube, and put the light back on. The room was like a blizzard. I was having spectacular hallucinations as the room shook violently, and the walls moved around at high speeds. Nothing was really melting, I didn't see any cool colors, and my body felt relatively normal, apart from being pretty hot. I turned off the lights again, and went on a very intense trip. I only remember bits and pieces of it. I remember my body jerking, almost convulsing for a bit, but I don't know how long. Suddenly, I was seeing patterns all over the dark room and I came to. I sat up, and saw the TV on, and found out that it was 1:55 am. The trip was pretty much over. I was very disoriented and whacked out. It was similar to the disorientation when coming down from DXM or Ketamine, except I didn't have the mental control and everything, I was just screwed. MY body felt extremely hot and heavy, the burnout was unbelieveable. The next morning I awoke with heavy red eyes, and my body was still very burnt.

This trip made very little sense...my hallucinations lacked alot in the area of color...nothing was melting...I didn't contact any entities...I didn't get the audible voice...I fasted all day, yet the tea took over 30 minutes to start coming on, and it was over an hour later before I was tripping. I suppose that the mushrooms could have been laced with some foreign substance, but I know that they were psilocybes. The trip was pretty short. Only about two hours, which sucked because I spent about $70 on mushrooms, weed, and food for the night...

I am not quite sure how the vitamin C effected the trip. I am doubtful that it made a real difference in the intensity of the trip, but it may have effected the trip qualitatively.

Mushrooms are cool, but they really should last longer...

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