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strange lights !!!!



first of al i wouldn't recom this combo to people with no or littel experience with the fungus, sinds it can be very hectic.
it all started at a friends house were i drank a bottle of wine and just fooled around wen a friend called to invite us at a party at his place …they were doing shrooms……well that was just something were i had been waiting for.
we got on our bikes and went to his house about half an hour away on the way there we ate our fungus (wich was homegrown by me on a cake that we had bought in amsterdam) it was about 1.5 gr…very potent.
wenn we arrived at the guy's house we where feelin it already.
all the guys who where at the guy's party except one, were on shrooms they where already outside the house waitin.
at that time my friend asked if i liked some more shrooms…hell yea give me more…so i ate another gram.
after that we went for a walk to a nearby forrest as we arrived there some of our friends got scared and they wanted to go back to the house to be "'safe'' so we went back at this moment it began to hit me at the speed of light harder and faster building op speed as fuck. wenn we arrived at the house i was trippin my balls of. as the the others went inside i stayed outside to watch the stars and the moon i really was enjoying the beautiful night wenn i saw this object with lights on it that was flying overhead i think it was a sattelite or sometin but i really got scared and went inside.
this is wenn things got kind of hectic i was upstairs in the house laying on the floor not knowing what was happenin thinking at thousand miles 'n hour really freakin out . after an hour or so it got a little better i could walk again so i went downstairs and talked with a friend asking if we should leave. ok he said so we said goodbye and drove away .
i think we looked like a couple of drunks since we neaded to use all of the road. as we where ridin our bikes i saw a bright light in the sky straight above us that dissapeared and then somewhere else it would pop up again really freakin us out !! this was going on for like 5 minutes or so and then it suddenly dissapeared for the final time…really strange cause we both saw the same thing…..!! after the light left i got bothered with spiderwebs that were hittin my face i was yellin sometin like fuck go away , go away fuck hell this sucks wen n my friend told me to shut up because every time i started yellin he got bothered to by the spiderwebs..so i shutted up. after sometime we arrived in our hometown and went to a nearby canal and just chatted sittin on our bikes.
about an hour later wenn i thougt i was comin down i went to bed…… not knowing that i wouldn't sleep for the next six hours…. damn i wished i had stayed at the canal.
wenn i arrived home i went straight to bed and got in there… i don't know if i had my eyes open or not…i was fucked.
the alcohol made the trip more agressive and scary….. horror creatures where crawling on my bed and coming for me..
i just kept remembering that i was trippin so that kept me for totaly freakin out thank god … my parents slept next door from me.. after a while the hallucination was gettin friendly anndd … sexy…well then…... you know what i did…
after that i fel asleep ……upon waking the next morning with a slight hangover feelin like my brains had been grilled.
overal this had been not a clean trip but i wouldn't say that it was a bad trip…it learned to respect the fungus more then i ever did!

lesson i learned ……UFO 's are here

don't drink and fly ….. if you're not prepared!
respect the FUNGUS !! aboy died last year while he was trippin /drunk and tried to swim…!!! (it was near the village i live in )

PEAcE greetz to all mushroompeople of HOLLAND the EARTH and the GALAXY !! Keep on shrooming !!
wanna chat …. mailme

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