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Stormy Ceiling

Well I started eating mushrooms about 6 months ago.

Well I started eating mushrooms about 6 months ago. Since thewn its been a weekly thing. Several weeks ago I was around a friends house. I had prepared a tea of mushrooms, around 40-45g of Pys mushrooms. Two average size cups of tea were made. We ate the left over mushrooms after the tea.

Ten minutes later I was tripping mad as ever. I went and sat on the sofa and started to smoke a fag. I lie back and start staring at the ceiling light (makes you trip more) and the ceiling started moving. I saw clouds swirling around, moving side to side. Gradually the clouds spread out all over the ceiling. After about 10 minutes of watching in amazement I was 'woke up' by a bull mastif jumping towards me. I got out, went upstairs and had a spliff. Tripped some more. It was fun

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