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hard to know where to start.

hard to know where to start. firstly we live in n. ireland and have loads of liberety caps here. don't know the latin name so unable to use your dosage calculator. still....
my brother & i had been out for a few beers and met a mate, mickey that we had not seen in a while, i asked him up to my flat for a few smokes and to share a bottle of wine, when he produced a load of dried mushrooms. after a bit of persuading i dropped them in a pot of boiling water to make a cup of tea ( have another one!!) we guzzled the tea pretty quick, and after about ten minutes started to feel the effects, which really suprised my brother and i.(brother takes over typing....) When we began to get the tingling stomach feelin and a bit of nervous perspiring, I stuck on the A side of Jefferson Starships "Freedom at point Zero" ( If anyone is familiar with the album in association with altered states of counciousness then they will know what happenend next) After about 20mins of the a-side there was a tension as we experienced the vertical lift similar to that of a space shuttle. I personally experienced a force agaisnt my face and body like an extremely strong wind. Chris and I looked at each other and in that glance we knew we werev returning to that strange and wonderful place beyond the stars. Words became futile as we focused in on the vibes of the starship we had created to take us on our interstellar journey....we where somewhere else as the music lifted us. The room disolved and recontructed in itself in waves of colour and emotion. At this point we became concerned for our friend Mickey as we were unsure if he had experienced this depth of tripping before. We made a few attempts to explain what was occuring but as in this state of mind one word can have a thousand meanings....so we are not sure he understood. He had the shaking head syndrome...unsure of anything. The A side finished and we sat in silence for a moment until I got the courage to get up ....go to the stereo....which had taken on an extremly streamlined and metallic appearance ( this was surprising as it is 8 years old) and put the needle back to the start again.....and off we wemt roun the world :o) again. We touched on states of mind that smacked of eternity. Tripping further than we had in ten years....ten years of tripping. Both myself and my brother were amazing calm and relaxed as we accected all that was. The communication between us ....and the conection....was nothing short of profoundly deep.
After one more trip around the stars...Chris decided he wanted to put on Gong, couldnt decide.....so he went to the stereo and put the needle back to the sart again!!!!! WEEEEEEE up with a rush ....shootoing colours and inspirational thinking....our minds where well and truly open...by now we were locked on to each other as brothers beyond this mortal life. The memories that flooded into our minds that night are but emotions now....we can remember how they felt but they have no substance.
Gong came and brought the pot headed pixes came for a cup of tea ( and aother one)...they gave us much amusement....they played their little games, and showed us what a laugh this whole thing is, dont worry was the seriously impish message from these guys...coincidence folloowed coincidenence.....laughs on cue....I cannot begin to explain the maddness that followed ...who can?? But it was fun filled and amazing to be experiencing. I feel sure that the faires where with us that night and they gave us their blessing as we are the peaceful warriors of this world.
We live at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in County Down, Where st Patrick lived and is buried. My Chris's flat is situated by the forests at the foot of donard mountain( the highest peak at 2980feet) and 1min from the sea. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Pan and his cohorts paid us a visit and basked in the glow from our human energy. Not much more can be said, except that it was a return to ourselves which will live with us forever and gave us the insight that we had been in dire need of for some time.

We wish everyone well on their trips to the stars....and remember that this is allowed only on a limited occaisions ....so dont abuse it!!

We send our love

Chris and Mark ( and the absent Mick)

Ps If anyone tries the Jefferson Starship experience.....remember a is for up and b is for down.....just trust in the music and god willing you will be there :o)

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