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Star Trek

I was at my good friend's house, and had not fried before.

I was at my good friend's house, and had not fried before. We were in
his basement, smoking pot, and then he pulls out this bag of shrooms. ( I didn't know what they were) and says, hey man, "wanna fry?"
I said, " I dunno man, that stuff can fry your brain."
He's like, "no way man, that not true...blah blah"
SO ANYWay, I ate them. Like an 8th of the little gross bastards. Im still
toking when Suddenly I notice something's not right. OH MY GOD!
I say, looking around. I realize that I am indeed surrounded my Klingons! Yes the ones from Star Trek. They are shouting things in their strange languages, and I keep going, "Enterprize come in! Come in! Beam me outta this shit hole."
I suddenlly am swallowed by a rainbow, only to be in this strange dance club
with people in star trek uniforms and Madonna and Lenny Kravitz. It's really
wierd, because Lenny Kravitz has a Smiley face tee-shirt, and Madonna is sucking
his dick. Man too wierd you never know. I walk over and jump in the swimming
pool with the star trek people. When I jump in the water suddenly flames rise
around me, and a crack forms beneath the pool, forming a whirlpool. SATAN himself
rises up from the blue abyss of the swimming pool and Grabs one of the
star trek people and bites off his head. He smiles a bloody smile, then
trots off to play pool with Chewbakka, who is a good player, I'll say.
I decide that it's time to go to the bathroom, cause I felt sick, but when
I throw up, A whole bunch of little baby mice come out instead of puke,
and they start singin, "BLue Moon...YOU saw me standing alone..." over and
over in a strange squeek that defied explaination. I thought it was all over
when the UFO arrived, and a praying mantis appeared to me, and ushered me into
the strange cigar shaped craft. The Mantis appologized to me for the anal
probes given to humans over that past few years, because on their planet,
anal probes are a greeting, and they had no idea about the inconveniece they
cause people. He said as a payment to the human race for the damage done
by his race, he would bless me with A message to everyone, that we will
soon be experiencing an evolutionary step forward, and that I would
bring on this change, with my new enhanced DNA. I no sooner heard the Mantis's t
thoughts in my Head then I suddenly felt myself fall on the couch, and my
friend was shaking me, to wake me up. He said I had disappeared.
I just smiled and said,
"Im ok"
"we're all ok"

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