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stairway to heaven


o.k. Brace yourselves. My friend and I hooked up with some hydroponic mushrooms, (don't know what kind), and went on an adventure. An adventure that would be all to unfamiliar. LSD could never prepare me for this. My friend and I were on our way to work, when we decided that it would make work a lil' more interesting if we ate a couple 0' shrooms. we did and shortly after arrived at work.
Not 20 min. later, my whole perception of reality ceased to exist. I told my friend and he agreed. So we ditched work and went on a nature trail nearby. Looking around, I noticed everything was "breathing." That's when I learned a real respect for life. I felt so at one with myself and the world surrounding me. Next my friend and I approached some sort of mass of water, (just a mulchy lake), and were completely mezmorized. It was getting dark, but there was a very defined light shining through the cracks between the branches and space. the reflection of the light off the water was causing this "rippling" effect. Eventually we left, and were approaching my apartment. I was driving by the way, and I remember coming up on dual traffic lights (red), which i could swear were a set of eyes looking down on me. Anyway, just before i got to my apt., there was this cat in the middle of the street. He appeared to be stunned by my headlights. To this day i still feel like I was able to communicate with that cat. I waved him on, and he crossed the street, and i drove by. my friend and I were still pretty messed up, so we decided to chill at the pool. there was this lampost there and my "friend" suggested that I stare into the light for about a min., and then look around. The light went through flashes of color, from one to the next, and then became blinding. so I looked around and got freaked. I couldn't see anything. my vision soon came back though. Then the conversation game came into play. The topic of choice was the theory of life. at some point in the conversation, I felt like I was so close to the truth, (maybe too close to the truth), and then it happened. Tears (of joy?) started to run down my face, and I felt like a new man. I looked at my friend and he was all teary eyed too. We tried to get back to figuring out the meaning & theory of life, but all was lost, like it is not meant to figure out. I then (saw, imagined, hallucinated), an outline of a body actually waliking on the water in the pool were we were meltin'. I turned to my friend, and said, "Do you see what I see"? Unfortunately he was to busy starring at this dirt on hist hands, this seemingly invinsible dirt that would not go away, no matter how hard he rubbed! Last we went inside and played this winter x video game on dreamcast. We were so involved in the game that we put on the ski masks and goggles, gloves and all. Then we went to look at the screen saver on the computer. we put on the 3d glasses, and each individual pixel looked like it was gonna jump out right at you, like you could touch it. well that's all for now, hope you liked my stairway to heaven.

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