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Spring Break Braindead

I'm putting this under level four and even though I had no out of body experiences, this trip did cause me to flip my sh*t for the first time since too much salvia (and that sucked).

I'm putting this under level four and even though I had no out of body experiences, this trip did cause me to flip my sh*t for the first time since too much salvia (and that sucked). I'm also writing this since hopefully it'll get my creative juices flowing enough to write this story I should have been doing weeks ago. So, the weekend before Spring Break my friend Corky and I pick up a capsule machine. He had this crappy little two gram bag of Cubie shake and put it into four capsules. He said that nothing happened for a while, but it hit real sudden and he WAS acting pretty retarded that night.
Anyway, he went home for break and left me the machine. I picked up a half, stupidly planning to do it all in the nine days I had. Since I couldnt grind the booms up too fine I ended up with about 75 capsules. Well, Monday morning rolled around and I got up, showered, and downed eight of the things at about noontime, not really knowing what to expect. I usually dont trip hard at all during the day.
And for about 2 and a half hours, I felt like I'd been right. The only effects I had were lightheadedness, and my pupils wouldnt stay one size for more than a couple of seconds. I actually had to call campus security for this kid who got locked out, and did fine. I wasn't upset, but I wasn't about to take more capsules, either (they gave me a bit more nausea than chocolates or just downing em, but it might have been a higher dose than I'm used to, possibly four grams).
I bump into my buddy Saddam and he and McCob, his girlfriend and brother are going to smoke some ganje in his van. The stuff going around campus at the time was amazing, almost pure white and brutal through a bong. So I tag along, pretty lucid. McCob asks how I'm doing, and I tell him fine, then he lets me green the little metal pipe he had.
We each hit three times, I'm able to hold in for about 40 seconds or so, but it dosent even seem to affect me that much. We drive back to the dorm parking lot, and I realize how wrong I was, not to mention how smart I was not to take any more caps.
Theres this 18-inch high brick wall that separates the parking lot from the dorm grounds. Its topped with plain concrete. However, the concrete was going insane, I saw black lightning rippling up the concrete and speeding away. It was lightly raining and the sight of red sand washing down the sidewalk in waves was just amazing. Both the water and the sand seemed to blossom together in a way, in a locking pattern that would take too long to even explain, no way I could draw it.
At this point, I lost it. All I remember doing is hysterically half-whispering "Holy Sh*t!", pointing and laughing at the ground, and then running like hell to my room. Apparently McCob's posse were all too baked to realize what had happened, but Saddam kept me company for an hour or so while I absolutely tripped balls. Everything in the room was distorted in some way. Saddam turned into a beaver, growing whiskers and his teeth turned HUGE. I couldnt keep eye contact if I wanted to. But dont get me wrong, it was GOOD tripping.
Floors bubbled, and wood grain didnt flow, but turned into a dozen or so translucent layers that seemed to float on top of one another. Some of Saddam's artwork rose off the page into the sunlight. On top of these visuals, my entire vision was patterned with what I could best describe in all honesty was some damn cool looking blotter paper. Each little square had the same design, and each design would twist and rotate in unison.
I decided to go to the bathroom after a while, and getting up was a process. I looked at my face and it was a fuc*ing mess! My pupils were two different sizes and my skin looked like it was ready to melt off. It was then I realized how hard I was still tripping. I looked at the room and none of the surfaces (walls, ceiling, floor) were connected together as they should be. I cant really explain it too well, except that it looked like the foundation had sunk in, but the rest of the room looked fine. Freaky.
Corky called and I told him what I'd been up to. When I said "eight" he simply chuckled and said, "Oh dear." I'm not even sure when I came down, because I smoked once more with Saddam and I started to get pulled under once more. But, I stomped that out with a sh*tload of munchies. Anyway, even though I was happy that I'd tripped during the day, I felt like shit the next couple of days and I think it might have been because there was so much more stuff to see when the sun was out. One thing I forgot to mention was that later on in the trip it had started snowing like mad, and all the birds had started chirping very noisily and without pausing, which probably aided in my ecstatic response to being outside. I DID make it back outside later on in the trip, but it had gotten darker and I couldnt flip out again. Try capsules!

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