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Spooked for Fun

It was a Monday night not so long ago and the weekend before had been quite shit.

It was a Monday night not so long ago and the weekend before had been quite shit.
I was sitting around smoking a few spliffs, bored out of my mind. Listening to
some mellow tunes I began to relax and watch the motion picture in my mind.
Eventually it sunk in that I had no work in the morning and I snapped out of my
Trance. I spotted a jar on the desktop; it’s contents of about 600 psilocybe
Semilanceata in a bath of honey. Felling adventurous I gathered myself up,
Grabbed the jar and headed to the kitchen.

Pulling out a dessert spoon of the contents I judged it at about 100 of those fun guys
(It’s hard to tell after a being dried and dunked). Anyway, I threw them on a few
Slices of toast and made myself a cup of tea.
It’s funny, they don’t seem so bad to eat after that procedure, and I wouldn’t
Normally stomach them, usually drinking them in tea or coffee.

So, my grumbling munchie belly was full in a couple of minutes and I lay down
On the sofa with my tea and a spliff…Aaaahhhhh. “Star Trek Voyager” was on
But lacking the ability to follow it I stared incoherently at the screen.
It was ticking on for after midnight and I realised I’d need more smokes and some
Skins from the shop so I had to act quickly. Colours were already brightening,
Sounds began to echo and electric lights cast a luminous haze over everything.

I drove fast to the nearest town about three miles away with excitement flooding
Throughout my body. The moon glowed bright and full and thousand of stars
Scattered the sky above me. The task of driving was becoming increasingly difficult and all car lights dazzled me. As I drove down the baron main street I screeched to a
Halt thinking I was about to be hit by a truck, but as there was no impact I looked again and squinted, it was a fucking building. Driving on about 100 yards I was
Spooked by an eight foot disfigured creation in a ragged cloak and deciding it was
A bad thing to focus on so I stared down at the road.
All of a sudden my head filled sounds of whispering and walking feet so I whipped
Round and checked the car in a panic stricken fashion, to see if there were ghouls or anything there. It was then that I spotted my surroundings of hustle and bustle, which would not usually be on these streets at the busiest times. People were everywhere with a look like they all needed to be somewhere else and fast. They
Were shouting and pushing each other out of the way?

Veering away from the streets I decided it was time to lose the car as I’d never make it home at this rate without some sort of damage (it’s better to be
Dead late than DEAD on time). So, I pull in and start walking until I came to a magical nature filled place
Running beside a river. Leaving past thought behind me I got at one with Flora and twirled along the path and clambered into trees. The air was fresh and crisp and
A slight mist rose from the moonlit water, which whispered softly to me as it danced on by. Caught off guard while engrossed in the river I was scooped into the
Air and when I turned around I met the face of a huge Oak tree as he held me in his arms. He said,” might you possibly have a cigarette”? To which I replied “ I only have one but we can share if you like”. So, cradling me in his powerful arms we
Shared a cigarette, both on the leash of the tobacco industry. He had a nasty cough
But he said that was,” to be expected with a 20 a day habit for the past 100 years and whatever butts I salvaged in my surroundings”.

We finished smoking and shared our beliefs on life and Tree (never told me his name) told me of changing times. After a while I knew it was time to go and Tree
Graciously placed me on the ground which was covered by little scurrying blades of
Grass. They jumped happily at my feet and followed me until slowly fading from my mind. The world was a dark shadow dancing mass in perfect balance and all the
Little twinkling stars, I was hypnotised.
It was then that I nearly shit on myself when I hear loud whaling and a strange, eerie hiss. I homed in on two huge white floating creatures racing at me with
Outspread arms on a collision course of death. I totally freaked and nearly broke
Down whimpering in an absolute nervous wreck. Pulling myself together I moved
My jelly legs somehow and took off with death in my heart and the creatures screaming in hot pursuit. Tears streamed from my face and I shook with fear!
Then I willed myself to fly away and I leapt and flew through the air and everything
Raced around me. I landed gently in a bright sunlight paradise with jungle growth
And a lagoon and I commended my navigational skills when flying.

Feeling safe and warm and away from the creatures I lay by the lagoon. Rolling about merrily I forgot my whereabouts and slipped into the water, receiving the shock that it was ice cold as I sank to the bottom. The cold jolt gave me darting
Energy to spring right back out again and I stumbled towards a cave. Inside was
Cosy which was a nice greeting and I stripped from my wet cloths and found a nice
Suit to wear. I rested in a corner and I was quite content to wait while my things dried so I closed my eyes and viewed the image of my mind.

Some time later I came to my senses and realised that I had been asleep and I wondered where I was. Then I saw the boiler, “in the fucking boiler room of where”? I was wearing some dirty old crusty overalls so I got into my own damp
Stuff while questioning myself. I ran out into daylight tripped over an outdoor light which was one of many and some man shouted at me as I passed his pool and entered some palm trees, which led to a wall. Jumping over I ran through the park, passed a couple of swans on the way and nodded at an old tree that wasn’t so lively anymore. Finding my car nearby I went straight to get some
Smokes and skins in the store and got right home. I’ll tell you, I enjoyed my spliff while remembering that one and I couldn’t believe a couple of swans flipped me out.
Well, it turned out a lot better than the boring Monday night it started….

(thanks for reading)

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