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Spiderman 2

On the 4th of July, my cousin and I decided to experiment with shrooms for our first time.

On the 4th of July, my cousin and I decided to experiment with shrooms for our first time... not knowing enough about it. We started at about 3pm eating 6 shrooms the size of large coins. We waited about 4 hrs. until we got another batch because we didn't have any effects from the first batch. Then we started munching down at about 7pm on shrooms the size of your palm so we could REALLY enjoy the fireworks at 8pm. What we didn't know was that eating 10 of the big ones was just asking for trouble.(They were an off-white color with bluish purple dye that came out from under the caps.) So at about 8 we arrived at the movie theatre where we would sit on the roof with our friends that worked there and watch the fireworks right next to the sky. All was going great, the fireworks were amazing (especially since the sky was expanding and shrinking), and my cousin and I were seeing things we never thought existed in our imaginations. Then that is when we made a large mistake. Not knowing that violence is something you want to avoid when under the effects of shrooms we decided to go watch Spiderman 2. Not only that, we thought it would be "cool" to sit in the very first row. The movie was amazing until about 30 min. into the movie, the villian was introduced and with that there was tremendous violence. My cousin unconciously leaned over to scratch my forearm rapidly. At first I was fine and just asked "what are you doing?" she stopped. but then i felt where she had been scratching me and that's when I lost reality. I thought she had scratched hard enough where my skin was coming off in peices and i was bleeding prefusely. I reminded myself that it was just my imagination but then began to think that maybe i would accidentally start tearing at my own flesh because i was experiencing a bad trip. So i quickly ran out of the theatre and sat on the steps outside to call a friend that could talk me out of this bad trip. There i saw a large SUV pull up containing at least 6 people who were all pointing at me and waving. I began to freak out not knowing who the people were and covered my face to keep them from upsetting me. When i looked back up the "SUV" was only a small honda with two people sitting in the front looking completely away from me. Let's just say that I called my friend who was successful at calming me and my cousin down and we just spent the night talking about what we were experiencing while sitting in my bed listening to music. This experience won't necessarily keep me from trying it again but this time i will use them in moderation and make sure that i am in an appropriate environment.

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