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Im not really good at writing about trips so bare with me.

Im not really good at writing about trips so bare with me. Its kind of hard to remember everything. but here it goes.I grew some amazonian shrooms for my first grow. (just one big fucking cake)Well after i got about 10 dried grams off the cake and tripped a few times with my friends. I thought it was about dead. So i thought i would experiment with it. So I dunked it and put it in the fridge for 12 hours. Of cours three day later it started pinning, this one big mushroom comes out the middle its huge!!!!I had never really got a stong flush yet but i did this time. I had about 75 grams fresh with all of them. Well about the last night im going to let them grow the meth guy comes over with about 3 eights. So we sat there and got as high as we possibly could until we can't stand it no more. I showed him my massive shrooms and he says we should eat them for breakfast. And i said, sounds great. Well morning comes and he wimps out and leaves. But he leaves me about a half gram on a plate and i eat that for breakfast with a banana. Needless to say im going threw the roof in about 10 minutes. Well lots of cleaning and ciggerettes later its about 5 o clock. I decide to go over my friends house to see if he wanted some. 30 minutes later there all sold and i have the stem of the one big fucking mushroom. It weighed about 7 grams fresh!!!!!!just fresh!!!!!!!. Well i get in the car with my old lady she starts driving to my other friends house.Suddenly i look over at this house and it turns green neon green and then becomes a two story house. I look back at the road and its making curves i had never seen bfore going up and down left and right. We start getting close too his house. And its a used car lot that has a sign out front big reds motors when i get closer theres tractor's and semi's out front. Not until i pulled in his driveway did this miraculous vision go away. When i get in his house everything is moving my girlfriends face was morphingthe tv was shooting waves of colors into the air that would just swirl and turn into different colors. The carpet was like the ocean and the cat was in abox in the middle of it just surfing. There were chinese letters on the wall like nothing i could make out. well thats abou all i can remember but its hard to describe what that was like. The colors, the stretching, it was fantastic. it was definatley one my top 10 of visual experiences.

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