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Space Travel

I'll make this quick, for it is to hard to explain everything.

I'll make this quick, for it is to hard to explain everything. Me and 2 other friends picked up a half 8th of shrooms each, ate them around midnight, then headed over to our friends house to trip. after getting there, we began watching the traditional Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I noticed that my two friends could not sit still, niether could eye. It was time to venture into the darkness outside. We wondered our way out to the empty street and layed down in the middle of the road, not the safest place, but it felt right. after laying down and relizing the massive expansion of stars and lights above us. all three of us began laughing and almost crying. It was then i noticed all the stars were connecting like connect a dots. Huge 3d cubes floated in front of my eyes, and waving my hand accross the stars developed a ripple effect on the galaxy. Trapped in this wonderful pool of stars and life, I relized mine no longer existed, there was nothing around me but stars, and I was falling endlessly through space and time all together. I have done full 8ths befor, as well as acid, but I have never been so gone in my life before. but i loved every minute of it...

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