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Some craaazy shit!!!111oneone

Waddup Y’all It’s Parker.

Waddup Y’all It’s Parker. I have been reading these trip reports for a while, but this is my first time writing my own. I’ve eaten about a quarter ounce of shrooms before (on 4 different occasions) but none of them went past or even reached a level 3, except my last one. But even on this one, I don’t really get visuals like gnomes/spiders/monsters/things talking to me. I’m on vacation, not a tropical one or anything, just visiting some old friends in another state, and staying at my old house with my sister’s dad. The other night my friend B and I were trying to buy some bud and came up on a dealer with some shrooms, which is rare around here, so we decided to get an 1/8, B had never shroomed before. We got to where I was staying and I was down to eat the mushies right then, but B wanted to wait until the next day and just burn some bud, that’s cool. Then the next day, B just wants to go home and not eat them at all. Now I aint got a trippin buddy! GRRR!!! Anyway, at about midnight that night I decided to take the whole 1/8 to my dome. After about a half hour I was feelin’ pretty good, and I don’t know if you’re ‘supposed’ to drink beer while shroomin’ or not, but then again you're not ‘supposed’ to shroom in the 1st place, so I cracked open a couple a MGD’s and rolled a couple J’s and listened to some music(hip-hop). All the normal shroomy feelings showed up and just got more and more intense until about an hour and a half into the trip when I was sitting in the basement looking at the fruity colored wall and thinking “OH NO! This basement is my own personal Hell and I am never going to get out of it!” Then I forgot about that (lol) and found myself just standing there staring like a deer into headlights at a flexible desk lamp that had the bulb facing me. It looked EXTREMELY foreign; it just stuck out from everything else. So I walked up to it and moved it. Then shit went CRAZY! It is an indescribable feeling, everything just flew around, and I had no idea what the fuck was going on. I could now hear carnival music in the background, and everything seemed vary fake. It got so fake that everything was like cardboard cutouts in a Disney land theme ride (including me)! I got this crazy feeling like “HOLY CRAP, THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING…TO ME….RIGHT NOW…..ITS LIKE A MOVIE!”, that’s not exactly what it was, I really can’t describe it, but that’s as close as I can get with words. I ran upstairs to get a glass of water to calm myself down, but upon drinking the water, I started thinking about it, “Why do I drink water all the time? Because they told me to? OMG my whole life I’ve been doing everything that they told me to! HOW STUPID CAN I POSSIBLY BE?! Who is they ANYWAY??” I decided to try and turn on the TV and watch some Olympics, so I grabbed the remote and managed to turn it on, but it was on a channel with infomercials and I couldn’t figure out the concept of changing channels so I just tried to watch those. The words they were saying made no sence, they sounded all digitally scrambled and jerky, and the people looked really fake. Not cardboard fake, but like they were putting on an act fake. It looked really dumb. Then their heads started to grow, and their bodies shrunk. Then their heads shrunk, and their bodies grew. It looked really weird! Then there was a close-up of a man’s face, and he was just talking I know, but he started to look EXTREMELY heated(mad) and was looking directly at ME and yelling at me, and his head moved in crazy ways, it freaked me out. Then I went back downstairs to my room to try and sleep off this ‘terrible’ trip (it was really scary to me at the time, but remembering back on it I want to do it again haha). I laid down in my bed but could not calm down nearly enough to fall asleep. A million thoughts per second were racing through my head and most of them weren’t even in words. One if them was “oh my god, what if I wake up tomorrow this fucked up! Oh no, oh no, oh no…” I thought that with the things I’d thought of, that I’d never be ‘normal’ again. So I called B and told him how I was tripping, but couldn’t really string any sort of sentencences together mostly just “Dude… mehhhh…omg..I’m trippin…” and just talking to him kind of brought me back to reality. But I still kept going back and forth into that crazy tripping state for a while. I tried playing some guitar and that colmed me down a lil bit too. B went to sleep at about 4 so I was on my own again. I can’t remember anything for a couple hours after that. It finally eased up around 6am. So I smoked a bowl, put on my headphones and fell asleep. I woke up today about 3pm feeling vary tired and still not really able to talk or think strait until about 7. Now I feel perfectly fine and can’t wait to get back to Cali and trip like that with my girlfriend, I think that same trip would have been more fun with a friend there…All in all I’m hesitant to say that it was a GOOD trip…I will say it was an intense one, but I think I’m more partial to a body buzz and trippy colors, not the mindfuck shit. Anyway thanks for reading this thingy. I’m out like Prince’s wardrobe. CHURCH

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