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Sole Controller

I heard that mushrooms were interesting to 'trip' on and living in a los angeles ghetto, i had only smoked weed and drank 40's constantly.

I heard that mushrooms were interesting to 'trip' on and living in a los angeles ghetto, i had only smoked weed and drank 40's constantly. I asked this white girl at my school and she hooked me up with an 8th (whatever that is). she said put it on a pizza, so i did. after about 45 minutes.. i knew something was up. I laid down on the couch while a friend of mine was on my computer buggin the shit out me. I turned on the Gravediggaz new CD loud as fuck. I saw a demon in my TV and was staring it in the eyes, like a contest. I laughed because it was crazy, i wasnt scared yet, cuz i knew i was on drugs. Everything changed when i was watching "Rugged and Raw" on Pay per view (its like Luke's Peep Show) and saw this girl i knew butt naked with her pu**y in the screen freakin all over these guys. I knew her well (so i thought) and flipped out.. not believing that was her and she was that type of girl. I still dont know if it was her to this day.. she teases me about it. So i went into my bathroom and turned on the water. Immediately water started to rush out from the walls, ceiling, toilet, floor, window, EVERYWHERE. I was all wet. And yellin cuss words at the top of my lungs like any normal person who had water flooding their bathroom and hallway. My pants were soaked so i took them off and waded through water past my ankles to my room. I laid down and thought i was turning into a stem of one of the mushrooms i ate. It was pure hell... i literally thought i was turning into a fungus and my bed was the tree stump and there was nothing i could do to stop it. Later i waded back through the water into the living room and put on "pit of snakes" by gravediggaz/rza. There was a tornado of skulls swarming around me and the room and i was the commander. I controled everything in the universe. I realized that life is like a little test and shouldnt be taken so seriously. i fell down and started laughin like never before because i understood that nothing is what i thought it was and i had been dumb my whole life. I felt an extreme sense of "its all good, everythings ok". But then i remembered that my bathroom was flooded, went to the bathroom and it was even worse, waterfalls pouring from the counters.. i yelled to the homey to get a yellow pages cuz we needed to call a plumber and he reminded me that i had ate some crazy "white people" drugs and nothing was wrong except i was dripping wet with sweat. I got extremely bored within a few minutes and wanted to drive off, but my homeys that was there wouldnt let me leave. Eventually they left and so did I, i got on the 110 freeway at Vernon and went on a long ride which ended up in SIMI VALLEY!!!!! I was lost for a few hours eventually found my way by streets to a friends house in Northridge area. I found a map, but couldnt understand or read at all. When i stopped to get gas i pulled up the the "full serve" thing and was confused why the mexican who worked there was trying to take the pump from me. I was thinking he was like one of the brothas that kick it at a gas station all day wanting to pump your gas. He said "what do you do?" (i think) i said "nothin".. and he cracked up laughing at me. Thats my trip, cant wait for the next one.. but next time ill be in the desert or the forest or somethin where i can relax and do nothin but think.

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