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so worth the wait

im a guy and i love shrooms.

im a guy and i love shrooms.
it all started kinda close to when school got out last month. i had been lookin for shrooms for a while bc they're the only thing i can do pretty much, and not fail drug tests. so anyway i finally found some chocolates, and i bought one for like 20. i took it at lunch at school. it turned out to be pretty spectacular, trippin in class a little, everythings movin around, awesome colors everywhere, girls are insanely beautiful.. its like u see everything rite about them.
but yea so that was like a one prolly, i mean i was trippin pretty good for a while. so then like 4 days later was riverfest.. for all the people not in arkansas, thats the big weekend thing they do in little rock with a whole bunch of bands and stuff, and if u dont go ur a loser.

so i bought an eighth of some straights there, which totally caught me off gaurd bc i didnt think there were really any around. i didnt take them rite then, bc i was afraid i wouldnt trip on account of the chocalate id eaten recently. so i managed to wait until, oh yea, the next morning.. haha yea.

so i took em like kinda early in the morning, bc my dad left to go ride his bike, and me and my friend john were about to go to the movies trippin, except when i say trippin i mean just me, bc hes just gonna smoke this really good dank that he brought from hot springs. anyways i start trippin b4 we even leave the house. i was supposed to clean the kitchen b4 we left, so i went in there and put the bag of shrooms into a glass, and made some crystal light instant tea to pour over it.. sweeeeet. so i stirred it for a couple of minutes to get all the psilocybin swirlin around, then i chugged the whole thing and chewed up all the wet mush at the bottom. now, apparently this method is quite effective, bc within 15 minutes exactly, i was keeping time, my trip had started. i was finishing in the kitchen, wiping down the counters, when all the sudden i got this huge head rush, like a had just eaten and smoked a cigarette. i was looking at the marble on the counter while i was wiping along, and all the sudden it all just shifted. like it would swirl and shit, and it was all pearly white lookin and shiny and shit. so i walked over to where john was sittin at the computer, and the whole way i was lookin at the tile on the floor, and it was all moving too. i swear to god shrooms are so fucking mind blowing its insane. so i was like dude im startin to trip already i know it. i can feel it coming on. he was like alright dude lets go outside so i can get stoned, and i couldnt smoke bc of my damn drug tests. so we went outside and sat down on my dads kayak in the back yard, like right beside the brick wall of the house, and i was lookin up at it, and the bricks all started like shiftin around. like moving into each others' places. it was so fuckin tite. and then, i hadnt realized it, but when i sat down on the kayak, it kidna made like a dent in it, like an impression, and then all the sudden out of nowhere, i just felt myself like falling into the kayak. but then i realized it was just the dent i had made in it with my ass, but i thought i was like melting into it, it was so trippy.

so we went in so i could take a shower, and john sits down in my room and starts playin his guitar. and i was like dude turn up that amp man, jam it, aint nobody here. so he starts jammin like crazy, and im in she shower or w/e, and i can hear it in the next room, oh my god. fucking awesome. already, i was in the shower trippin so thats like its own adventure, then dudes in there playin all this sweet ass shit, and im like flowin thru i dont even know where.. im like thinkin im goin down the road listenin to the radio, and its just pourin and im soaked or somethin. then, we left for the movies.

the whole way, it was like this insane crazy ride of life. all these weird colors and shapes and shit were everywhere.. i remember one time i looked out the window, and all the trees and vegetation and stuff were all like 10 feet away from us while were passin em, and it was like this huge reel of tree videotape or somethin, just whizzin by, and was just like this big ass green blur. and then like i focused on the airspace between me and the trees, and there was like an actual tangible space there, like there was something solid, and i could see like this weird goblin face or somethin, bc all the background was green, and this outline appeared and it was forming all these weird trippy structures.. i donno.. but then all this sudden we got to the bridge where the tree line just stops, and it like totally open, and u can see out over downtown little rock.. and it was so beautiful. i just felt like free or released or somethin, and i was lookin at all the big white clouds and they kept makin all these beautiful womens' faces and stuff, and i kept seein like angel faces in the sky, or like the women elves on lord of the rings, really pretty like.

but then john started smokin a bowl, and he was relying on me to get us there, bc he lives in hot springs. and i just start trippin out u know lookin out the window and stuff, and b4 i knew it, we were passing the exit to get to the movies. and of course john's like damnt dude, what the fuck are we gonna do now?!? and i was like um go down to the next exit and get turned around. haha hes like kinda dumb with directions and stuff, like how to get places, and so hes like freakin out and stuff and im just like dude will u chill. so we pull over and i go in the grocery store to ask em how to get to north little rock to the movies, and they're all like discussing among themselves, and im so trippin balls up in the kroger's man bc i start lookin around, and all these people's faces are warpin and shit, and all the colored tiles on the floor and shit hangin from the ceiling are doin crazy tripped out stuff... by the way, i realized this after the fact, but a grocery store, is a god damned crazy place to trip. anyways i looked to my right inside this glass case with all these cakes in it, and im lookin at the end of it, not like the front or w/e. so i bend down a little, and i can see like all the way down it, like a huge glass tunnel, and all the cakes start gettin a little swirly and shit, and theyre all like swirlin together.. and b4 i know it, im just lost in it all lookin at it, and theres no more cakes its just like this huge color storm just swirlin around inside the glass tunnel. then the guy's like hey i wrote down the directions for u. and i looked back at the glass case, and the cakes were back in perfect order. it was insaaane! so i walk back out and im like dude, that was freakin awesome, but i dont wonna do it again any time soon. so we get to the movies, and its been rainin like all mornin, like since we hit the interstate, so the whole time like the crazy tripped out ride, and the grocery store deal, it was pourin. so were standin outside the movies, in line? bc i guess there's a lot of people in town for riverfest or somethin, i donno, but im standin there, and im startin to come down a little, and it feels like im rollin on ex all the sudden. we got underneath the onning and i was lookin up at the little lights the texture of the ceiling, and i was like dude im seein these little colored hexagons and stars all over the place, especially rainbows too, just little like rainbow stickers that go on a notebook or somethin. then we get inside, and oh my god if the theatre isnt the trippiest thing ive seen. its like black and white checked tile on the floor, and all these crazy colors on the wall and stuff, and john just looks at me and smiles, bc he knows. he said, dude, i wish i were u rite now. so i walked thru the lobby or w/e with this huge stoned smile on my face the whole time, and i was just like lookin around like a little kid in the candy store. then we watched the movie and it was so crazy at the beginning, but then i started comin down more, and all the colors were like really intense on the screen and stuff. then when we left i was still trippin a little bc everything was sorta distorted, and my mind was just toasted from bein blown away all day.

but really tho, my real trip was when i got this half ounce of some gold topped fieldies. hence the name so worth the wait. bc after that trip with the 8th, i couldnt get any for like a good month, and i was just like obsessed, and preoccupied and shit. so i finally got those thru this girl i go to summer skl with, who knows this guy in conway that picked a bathtub full. i know rite. so i get em to bring me some up to work and i go straight to the bathroom and eat just about half of em. maybe a little less, but regardless thats a fuckin quarter of some dank fieldies. so i start to trip like 45 minutes later, and then i clock out and just go sit in the lobby and chill with some tunes on the ipod. i put my head down and closed my eyes, and i could just see all these people like comin up to me or w/e, and they would bring their hands up to me and then kinda move away. but i could just see all these weird forms and stuff all moving around and stuff. then i went to the kitchen to clean the grill for one of the cooks, bc he took out my boxes for me, and it was like the grill had like 5 different layers to it or somethin. i mean u have to like squirt a bunch of butter on there so u can scrub it and stuff, and it was like i was a painter with this huge metallic canvas. i made all these really sweet designs and shapes and whatnot, bc im pretty artsy, and then i just sat down on the counter and tripped out to some good tunes for a while. my dad came to get me and i wasnt really trippin that hard, but as soon as i got home pretty much, i re-upped. i sat on the suede couch and started watchin this movie called too wang fu for you, or somethin like that. its this movie about drag queens, and patrick suaze is in it, and i cant remember his name but hes the black guy that hunts vampires from blade, he was in it too. so anyways it comes on and theres like this huge scene or w/e on this stage and its like this vegas show kidna, and all the people in the audience are like singin along, bc the whole audience is gay guys and drag queens too. but it was so tite, bc there were all these crazy colors and shit and then i started really trippin bc i could feel the ones i ate when i got home kickin in, and i started seein all this stuff in the ceiling, and all the peoples' faces in the movie started like warping and stuff, like there was some kinda like worm or monster under their skin or somethin, and it was trying to get out.. really trippy. then i went upstairs to get my music and play some guitar, and i just ended up laying down on the floor, rite by my little pile of shrooms i had left, and there was like all the powder or w/e all over the paper that i had put it on top of so it wouldnt fall into the carpet, and all that stuff started movin around like it was in water and it was just flowin, it looked like a bunch of little ants walkin around. so i just started lickin my fingers and stickin em in it, like sugar or somethin u know, and just eatin all the rest of that psilocybin powder, shit is good. so i just lay there lookin at the shrooms, and theres like this one big one, and i cant stop starin at it, and im just holdin it in my hands or somethin, and then i see this toy that i got at riverfest. i got it specifically for trippin too, its like one of those handheld fan type things, but instead of it havin fan blades to cool u off, it just has these two tubes with lites inside em to trip u the fuck out. which i did for like 30 minutes, then i came back to the real world for a sec and i was like, damn i know what i was doing for that time, but what the hell was i doin, it was a weird feeling. then i finished off the rest and laid down to really trip. it started gettin really hard core, and i could hear all this music just like out of nowhere, just whatever song i thought of, it would start playin in my head. mostly a lot of pink floyd, but i wasnt listenin to anything at all, i just heard it. so tite. then i just had this weird thing for like two hours where i was in a totally other world, bc all i saw was like insane colors everywhere, and like this crazy space trip. and it was like pitch black in my room, so im just seein like w/e comes to me u know, like ur imagination sees whatever the hell it wants, w/e u think of or imagine.
then after a while i just kinda got bored of it bc it was like the same thing for 3 or 4 hours. now if i could've gotten out of the house, or like been in the wilderness or at the mall or drivin around or somethin, then i totally woulda been chillin, bc i woulda had a lot of stuff to trip out off of. shrooms are by far my favorite drug of choice. im tired of typing

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