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So I ate 8 grams...

The other night I decided to indulge in my favorite fungus.

The other night I decided to indulge in my favorite fungus.

I ate 8 grams in my usual Orange Juice drink and waited for the comeup.

The comeup began about 20-25 minutes later and surprisingly didn't hit as hard as I anticipated. My friend had ate about 7-8 grams as well a little while before me and was already starting to trip. We had decided to play some Baldur's Gate 2 on the X-Box for the duration of the trip.

As I was starting to peak my wife calls me into the room and asks me to help her hook up our gamecube in the other room so that she could play Super Mario Sunshine (she wasn't tripping that night).

...So that was sort of difficult to say the least. As I was reaching behind our entertainment center to unplug wires and shit my visual started to get in the way, I couldn't for the life of me figure out which cords went where and everything was breathing and morphing and so on and so forth.

When I finally got everything figured out I went back to the media room and began playing the game with my friend. We played for about 30 minutes to an hour before we decided that we could barely even see our characters amongst all of the visuals. (Also this entire time "Anthem of the Sun" from the Greatful Dead was playing in the background)

We decided to change the tunes and my friend wanted some shpongle so we put on "Are you shpongled?". We then spent the rest of the trip smoking KB and talking about life and many random other things that friend talk about.

I continued to get visuals for about 6 hours after ingesting the mushies and I was a bit surprised by that since my visual usually end within 2-2.5 hours after takeoff.

Overall it was a good trip though and I will be doing it again in the next few weeks.

Sorry I didn't go into more detail but I'm pressed for time right now.

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