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It started like this.

It started like this. i was sittin at home and my friend called me up. he said that he was gonna get some shrooms, so i told him to get 2/8's and i would pay him back. u know one for me one for him type deal. So about a week later hes about to go off to college and he tells me to come over. i show up to his house and i asked him if i could see them. They were all stems, which i thought sucked, becasue i have heard from all my friends that the cap is the best part of the mushroom. At first i was kinda questioning them, they looked like moldy cinnamon sticks with more of a white hue, and they smelled like sweet shit. Literally sweet shit, (if u can imagine that). We chopped up jsut 1/8th we saved the other, and then put it in a taco. Not bad at all we couldnt taste a thing. About 30 minutes later i noticed everything was funny. stuff that wasnt supposed to be funny was funny. I also noticed that my head was getting heavy. We went outside and i noticed the telephone poles and there lines were smiling at me, liek the wires would ark up in a way that it looked like they were smiling. it had BARLY started.
after a while i noticed a plane and i thought wow, thats a plane, so i decided to follow it with my eyes. the more and more i looked at it, it seemed as if everything was blacking out, except for the plane, i noticed a design starting to take place around the plane, it reminded me of a spider, and at that exact second i felt something rub my foot. i gasped for air and looked down, i literally fell out of my seat and stumbled backwards. It was a leaf but so much was goin throught my mind that i thought a spider the size of salad bowl was on my foot.
about an hour into the trip i noticed that if i looked at the ground long enough i would see it moving like quick sand. and not before long i could see things slithering. I immediatly knew i was looking at snakes. it was the weirdest thing i have ever 'thought i saw' in my life like looking into a snake pit, with THOUSANDS of snakes slithering around one another. i noticed that and my mind would wonder, i found myself lookin down on my body and questioning reality, not jsut reality but self-being, nothing seemed real, imagine lookin into a tv, thats how this felt. the next part is the hardest to explain, i noticed that when i would stare off down the street his car would become distorted and mishapen, with radient colors commin form it. like seeing satelite signals, but in pink. the chair i was sitting in seemed to be sinking and i seemed not to be breathing. So i gulped air and came back to reality for the time being.
The things i saw when i closed my eyes were pretty cool also, i saw a lizard slowly commin toward me, like it was inspecting me, i saw it come close stop move its head, and proceed to come closer. i saw the garden of eden with snakes everywhere. over all it was a good trip but i have a bit of advice, be aware that it is reality.

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