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smokey smurf


Friday...wake up, call myself in sick to school, and go over to Frankies. Thats how my day began. i went to get my paycheck and picked up my shroomies. I ate them about 3, i think..i was getting pretty anxious (it was my first time tripping)and a little pissed off b/c i wasnt feeling anything about 4...4:30...finally 5:00 came and so did the waves...first i started to feel just a little lightheaded if thats wht you want to call it, i decided to pick up some nuggets to help the trip come. I knew it was getting good when i was talking to my friend and she moved her hand onto her leg and her fingers seemed to melt into this silvery liquid and they squirmed down her legs liek worms. I could feel the waves getting stronger when we went to pick up the nugs b/c as were were driving the trees seemed to be talking to each other and i was hysterically laughing for no apparent reason. i got a bag and pulled out smokey smurf, the ultimate 3 footer my friend just got...i took about 4 rips and thats where the night starts to get blurry-all of a sudden i was looking at the bong and some of the designs in the glass started to wave and jiggle. i also thought they were looking at me. i then saw my friend phil sitting on the other side of the bong singing along to bisco when suddenly i saw his singing face in the bong, but i saw his face 4 times and they were all arranged in a big square, one face in each corner, each one was a different color with a different color background. then my friend matt said something to me taking my attention away from the bong for just a second, and when i looked back the faces turned into my own smile and it looked like a mirror. we then left to my other friends house b/c he was having a party. we got there and i went straight upstairs to his room which is a great place to trip. The only light was a black light and he had all these trippy posters on his walls that seemed to be 3d and one of them had street fighters on it that kept popping out at me. Another 1 of the posters had a huge mushroom on it that kept coming closer and closer to me. the shroom had all these frogs around it in the poster and they started to dance and laugh...it was crazy....time seemed to go so slowly and i was thinking a lot about some shit we were talking about in my english class about how life is full of chances and luck and i have no idea what happened the rest of the night, i barely remember b/c of all the pipes that kept coming my way, but i do remember that last night was 1 of the best nights of my life and i cant wait to trip again!

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