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i forgot that i was walking.

i forgot that i was walking.. and ended up at the end of the hall staring into a mirror and it looked like ya know at theme parks they have those curvy mirrors and stuff.. ya it was all wavy and trippy... i thought the bright light in the middle of the room was a sun with 2 eyes a smiley face.. it was saying to me: rinasoursis fly repeadingly.. wow i was tripping... it was fun... at times i thought i my life was a tv show and everyone was watching me... it was like i was watching tv and when someone was talking to me i didnt need to respond becuase it was just tv... my arms felt extremely heavy, and my friends were punching me in the gut and i didnt feel a thing... it was really weird... after about 5 hours i started to come down and things straigtend up a bit... the next day i could still feel it

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