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Slip Into a World

Well, this is about a trip i had back in the summer of 2002.

Well, this is about a trip i had back in the summer of 2002. I had done magic mushrooms a couple times before and had got to only level 3 trips. I weighed out these shrooms to 2.5 grams. My dealer told me that these were the best shrooms hes ever had and that if i took enough i was gonna get fucked up. I had the house to myself for the day, so why not try and trip alone for the first time, and what a time it was.

I started off by chewing half the bag for about 10 minutes. I then waited 5 minutes and then chewed the other half of the bag for about 10 minutes. I had some good weed at the time so I decided to smoke a joint. After about 20 minutes i went upstairs and rolled the joint and was going to smoke it outside, but as i opened the door i saw my nehbor outside so i decided i should just toke up in my bathroom. I lit that bad boy up and started to puff away. As i was smoking I wasn't really feeling anything except for that akward coming up feeling that we all know. After I took the last hit off the joint I put it out and looked up and i noticed all the bathroom tiles were all warped a bit. In the next 30 seconds it hit me so hard, like a freight train. In the back of my head, people started to say things and talk to me. There was a Chinese Butler and he kept bowing and saying things to me in chinese. At the same time i saw hammers in my head pounding down. I was laughing so hard at this point. I just leaned up against my bathroom wall and just laughed for about 30 seconds. I managed to put my roach clip away and to head downstairs to where my couch and tv were.

Colors were getting more warped and brighter and i had a nice buzz. I was twirling around as i was walking and then all of a sudden it hit me like a bomb. BOOM, this huge buzz bomb in my brain. I can describe it as an orgasm in your brain, but it felt so good. So I sat down on the couch and boom, another brain buzz. I lied down and had a couple more. I then put in the movie Jackie Brown and pressed play. When I lyed back i stared at my video shelves, and all the titles were mixing together. As i was stairing ahead i saw a sight thats hard to describe. It was like all the videos were warping together. I shook my head in confusion and this stopped. 10 Seconds later that happened again and this time i couldn't shake it off, I was then transfered into a split screen choice menu in my brain. On one side it was the tv and it was going to be a level 3 trip, and on the other side there was a tornado that was whirling around and it was a level 4 trip and my brain was asking me to pick which one. Ofcourse i wanted the level 4 so i chose to go into the tornado in my brain. After this I was catapulted into a full hallucination and it was out of this world. I was seeing flying colors and shapes and they were all warping and mixing into eachother. They were split into quarters and they were all doing different things. They would switch after about 2 or 3 seconds to another thing. This was so awesome. The tv was on but i couldn't hear any words that were being said, All i could hear was a bit of the background music. I couldn't see anything at all, it was all just morphing of patterns. I saw some of the most beautiful patterns, Neon greens, Bright Purples, Vibrant Yellows. When this was happening I didn't really know what i was or where i was. My brain was just floating in this slide show of morphing patterns. After about an hour and a half I snapped out of this and I realised that the main trip was over.

I sat on my couch for the next couple hours slowly grasping reality back. Colors were getting less and less bright and there was no more morphing or warping. I sat there and thought about what I just witnessed. It was completely mind boggling. To have no sense of what you are and to see nothing but flying and warping colors was indescribable. This was my most hardcore trip and I still am not sure if I want to go above level 4. I will never forget this day. It was truely a day that I slipped into another world.


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