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First time trip! So awesome and different!

My friend had just started selling shrooms and I wanted to try them.

My friend had just started selling shrooms and I wanted to try them. I’ve tried ecstasy and weed before but wanted to try something stronger and less addictive then crack or heroin. At first I was so scared to try it until I started looking up information. One of the websites I went to was this one. After reading the stories about excited fans of the drug my mind was put at ease and I made the final decision to try it.

I went to my dealer and bought two grams of it. At first I wanted to take only half a gram but then decided to get the full shrooms experience. I heard you can take one gram and then slowly take more to heighten the sensation. I was invited to this huge party with all these stoner white boys from school and I didn’t know anybody but two girls named L and T. There was one boy I recognized but that was only because he was always at my friend’s house buying drugs. His name was R and he was over her house earlier to buy 7 bags of 1.5 grams each. They only had enough for 6 so I gave up one of my grams and R paid me 15 bucks. The shrooms we had were the z-strain variety.

I arrived over there and went into this bright ass room in this big ass house. There was about 11-13 other people over there but it didn’t bother me because they broke off into smaller groups around the house later. I heard shrooms taste like ass but I didn’t know they were going to be that bad. I ate them and almost threw up. But I sucked it up and drunk it with lots of water. Everybody had already taken there’s and started passing around a pipe full of marijuana. I took one hit and burned my finger because I like smoking out of joints and blunt sticks.

When I thizz or get blown I usually just sit down and chill with a bunch of friends. But I felt like I had entered into a whole other world of craziness. People turned out all the lights, put on a strobe light, and gave light shows. The light shows to me seemed very exotic and sexual. I wanted to learn because it looked so difficult and cool. The weird thing was; everybody in there, all 13 people, could put on a complicated light show.

R immediately began to trip out. He took two dolphin ex pills. He didn’t take shrooms because last time he did he had a really bad trip. He started to see devils on everybody’s faces because he was at a party and the noise started to get to him. After about 30 minutes my stomach started to hurt and I began to get nauseous. A, another guy, said that was normal and meant that I was about to start tripping really hard. I was drinking water in a clear glass and the bottom of it was octagon shaped. Suddenly I looked down and the octagon just looked so cool that I couldn’t stop staring at it. The lights became hella bright and a little overwhelming so I went into the next room where the light was shaded. A tree started dancing around and the walls looked like they were moving.

Soon everybody wanted to go on a cruise. From past experience, I don’t drive when I thizz because the lights get too bright and I can’t see anything. But R, who was thizzin hard as fuck, wanted to drive. Me and 5 other people piled into his big car and they turned on some techno music. There is no clear way to describe the feeling I felt when we were cruising. Everything was blurry, bright, and beautiful. The techno music that I was beginning to like played loudly in the car. I felt like I was flying. Do you remember the sonic the hedgehog game where you play the bonus levels and collect rings? That was what I felt like. Everything was going so fast and it felt just like a video game.

I stared straight ahead and spaced out. I was so disappointed when we arrived back at the house. Soon though, the owner of the house started to trip out and kicked everyone out. So we went to another friend’s house and the same rave-like stuff happened there. After awhile everyone began to leave because everyone had to go to work in the morning. This happened yesterday by the way. I had to wake up and go to work at 3 p.m. the next day.

Just when I was about to leave R invited me over to his house with 2 other people. We went and tripped over there. I had to drive and everything was blurry and R drove fast. His house thankfully wasn’t that far away. After 20 minutes there I really had to leave so I went on the long, paranoid drive home. When I got there I was alone and started to freak out and had to remind myself a million times that it was just the drugs and this room was the room that I had stayed in for 10 years of my life. It was familiar yet scary. I lay down and let the walls move again. I got naked because I felt like it. I looked down at one of my breast and the nipple looked like it was moving in and out. It was the coolest visual ever. On a calendar in my room, there was a picture of a lake with a tree in the middle. The water looked like it was running and flowing. I stared at it for a long time before I remembered that it was time for sleep. By this time it was 7 in the morning!

I turned off the lights and shut my eyes because I was too scared to open them, afraid of what I might see. I had to because I forgot to take out my contacts. When I did though, the skin on my face felt weird and looked crazy for some odd reason. I went back to my bed and shut my eyes. Images exploded in my head. They were lucid and life-like. When I opened my eyes, all of them went away except for visuals of various people’s eyes that I kept seeing. When I shut them again, cars, trees, water, stereos, roads, computers: everything flashed in my brain for another hour until I finally managed to fall asleep. When I woke up the next morning at 2:30 p.m., I felt refreshed in eager to go to work, which is weird for me. Usually I dread it. The come down off of shrooms is way easier than on ex. When I come down off of ex I hate it because I went to thizz harder and keep taking halves of pills every so often to keep getting the same feeling. I had no such urge on shrooms. Next time I want to take 2.5 to 3 grams so I can really start hallucinating. I want to see things. I had a good ass trip on my first time doing them. Isn’t it amazing how good a poisonous mushroom can make you feel?

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