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Slinkys and Demons

Well this trip happend last Saturday, I had done shrooms once before, but I did so little that I barley felt anything at all.

Well this trip happend last Saturday, I had done shrooms once before, but I did so little that I barley felt anything at all. So this time I wanted to make SURE to do enough that I really feel something. So I took some .. i'm not sure how much it was. About 2 grams I think. My Fiancee and I sat back and started watching Fantasia. While he played the guitar for me on some headphones and it felt like it was tickling my brain. Then.. i got the idea of putting his multicolor slinky hanging from the ceiling and lighting it from the top and bottom under black light. So we laid on his bed and starred up into it like it was tunnel though the universe. This was the most fun I've ever had. Then my fiancee decided that he needed to level off so we smoked a bowl and this pissed me off so bad, because I had lost the sensations of the shrooms and only felt like I was stoned. I was saying it was all his fault. So he felt bad and gave me 2 more grams. He gave me some Orange Jucie to drink it with.. and told me that it would work faster if we got our blood pumping faster (yeah leave it to a guy to think of any reason for sex haha) So.. we were getting into it pretty heavy.. and I looked at him on top of me.. and he looked like a fuckin demon. I swear I was in hell, surrounded by fire on a stone altar. I saw a glimpose of heaven like Satan was telling me that I would never get there. I saw all my family there and I felt like my soul was being raped. I started crying so hard I couldn't stop. When my fiancee freaked that I was crying. He got off me and when he did.. the demon stayed and they seperated. The demon was following me every where.. and by this point we were listening to the soundtrack from Twin Peaks. The demon told me he wanted something that would please Satan so I put on Emperor. Then I went to sit down on the bed.. and it felt like he had stabbed me in the side and I couldn't breathe. My fiancee kept making me say.. it's not real it's not real. So I kinda got my mind back in order. Then I would stare at J's face (my fiancee i'm getting tired of typing that) and it would morph into differnt animals. One min he had spots the next zebra stripes and his features were moving around. I was sitting on top of him and he closed his eyes. All of a sudden he looked dead. His eyes rolled back into the top of his head, and he look like he had drowned. Then I tried to scream but the demon told me that he wouldn't hear me. Sure enough J kept saying that I was moving my lips but he wasn't hearing me I could hear myself screaming in my own ears. Finally the demon told me that if I gave him my soul.. he would leave me alone. So I told him I agreed. And I accepted the fact that there IS a God and he dosen't want me. Then J could hear me again. Then I sat down.. and I got a piece of paper and I tried writing this down so that other's could understand what I had seen.. but it's hard to describe just how SCARY hell was beyond a concept.

I finally fell asleep while being crucified to the wall.

The thing is.. I don't count this as a bad trip. Though everyone says it is one. I learned alot .. and I'm no longer confused about my choice of religion. I can accept being a Satanist without fear of being wrong.. because I know where I am going when I die now. I have accepted it.

I definetly wanna do this again. The demon is welcome now.

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