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skip church then get a bad trip

well i done shrooms many times.

well i done shrooms many times.the place i do them most is at church. because there is a cow field right next to it.and church is so fucking boring so i pop them in my mouth when nobodyies looking during service.so one day me and my friend ate some before church which i had some from that morning because i skiped church and got some (because of the rain there all over the place)but we have church at night and morning which my parents make me go to.so me and me friend ate some. but my friend was not feeling any thing so i went out to the sneeked out to the cowfield in the middle of church.after i got there i hiked up to these forest looking area where most of the shrooms where (still in the cow field)and i was pretty fucked up and my friend stayed at church because we cant both go.so i was in the forest finding many shrooms then i found my self lost. normal easy find my way out but i was to fucked up to think and i was to confused to know where to go but finnaly i got out and it was all over but i was so scared.so never go in forest when your on shrooms just wait till you get home to eat them.

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