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Singing with the rocks

This was my first trip ever.

This was my first trip ever.

I was at Koh Pha-Ngan in Thailand and and instead of heading down to the Had-Rin beach, me and some friends went to a bar at the other side of the island. I was just planning to smoke some spliffs and dance a bit, but one of my friends proceeded to the bar and bought us all each a shroomshake.

Skepical but still curious I downed the foul tasting slush, and then yet another one about thirty minutes later (time is hard to tell, since we were all quite stoned by then).

At first nothing special seemed to happen, the pretty lights became a little bit prettier but not enough to make anyone suffer a taste like those shakes had. And i was just about to walk over to ask my friend if he felt anything more. But as I stood up, I was overcome with nausea, and walked away from the partyarea (too many people, I needed calm and peace). My mind kept repeating "ooh, this is a kind of poisoning, now I get it"

After a few minutes I reached a cluster of rocks and I sat down waiting for the giant vomiting session I could feel slowly aproaching. But it never came. I retched a few times... but nothing came out. And as I sat up and closed my eyes (to rest a few seconds) I was struck by an avalanche of visuals. patterns, fractals, mandalas all flowed around each other and into each other, all changing, moving, flowing towards me to some mystical rythm. One pattern that seemed prominent was a structure that looked like mycelium (mushroom roots).

After a while I opened my eyes and everyting around me seemed alive. It seemed everything was watching me. And I watched it back. It seemed there was a tall man present (dont know if my eyes were open or closed) he was tall and slim, wearing greenish clothes and a hat (like a giant elf). He didnt speak, just watch me. And after a short while I got distracted because I had to move (my ass was hurting from sitting on the rock).

As I changed my sitting position I suddenly became aware of the rocks. The rocks were alive. Pulsating, vibrating, alive and conscius. And as I turned my focus on them our minds merged. I knew them and they knew me. Our structures so different and yet in harmony. I dont know how long I sat there in perfect communion with the rocks. Our structures seemed to vibrate together, singing like a beacon in the night, me and the rocks and the forrest. All different yet the same in beeing. Words cannot describe the unity I felt.

After a loong time (3-4 hours) I returned somewhat, and decided I should leave a handprint in the rocksurface as a marker of this great moment. But allthough I could easily push my hand into the rock. The inprint wouldnt stay. The rock surface sponged back and wouldnt set to let me leave a print.

I got up and walked back to my friends, shared another spliff and sat there chatting for some time. And eventually I got back to my motorbike to drive home.

But allthough my bungalow was just a 20 minutes away. I couldnt stop. driving felt soo good. just amazing. So I keept driving. Around and around, exploring new areas for about another four hours. Then eventually I tired and went home.

It was my first, and still only time on shrooms. Yet. Im sure there will be more to come.

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