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Shrooms,X,and Meth

Ok heres the story, last Tuesday I decided for no reason at all that I wanted to get really fucked up.

Ok heres the story, last Tuesday I decided for no reason at all that I wanted to get really fucked up. I had about 4 grams of some really good Psilocybe cubensis , and I also had a double stack of Xtacy that I later found out was laced with Meth and speed. Anyways it was about 6pm (on a school night) and I decided that I was going to take the X and shrooms all at once. I figured that the X would take a little to kick in then the shrooms, so I put the X in my mouth and down it with some water. After about 5 minutes of arguing with myself to take the shrooms I say what the hell, I take about half of the shrooms(2 grams) so that I have some for a party that was coming up. I down the shrooms with some OJ and the fun will soon begin.....

For about a good half hour or so I sit there watching T.V and nothing happens except a really upset stomach. Then all of a sudden I get this great body high, another 10-20 minutes go by and Im just sitting there all spaced out and feeling the X. As Im sitting there I forgot that I even took the shrooms and thought to myself did I take enough? My question was answered, the shrooms hit me hard. I was just staring at my floor and all sorts of florescent colors that hadnt even been there were rising off the ground like clouds of smoke, it was amazing. 7pm, I was rolling/tripping so hard and it had only been an hour since I dosed. I decided to observe my room some more so I looked at the wall, there were all sorts of multicolored shrooms growing out my walls, I tried to touch them bot they would all scatter away and new ones would grow after they left it fuckin crazy. Then I decided to lay down and take it easy, but I couldnt. As I looked up at the ceiling I noticed it was dripping down all over my room, it was even dripping on me. The drips felt so real as they hit my body, It must of been the X because every time they hit me it just felt so good. It was now about 8 or nine and i started peaking, my mom came in my room and suspected something, but she doesnt really care what I do so I didnt get in trouble, anyways I was rolling hard and the shrooms were hitting me hard as well, I looked at my floor where I was standing and it was moving in a circular motion and all kinds of red and black patterns started to rise and then they would go back down. It was about 10 now and I decided to call my girlfriend, I tried talking to her but I didnt know what the fuck i was saying to her. But that night I just loved talking to her, her voice was turning me on and everything she said just made so much sense. 11pm I got off the phone with my girl and decided to smoke some bud, as I smoked I noticed some sick ass shit, when I blew the smoke out it was a greenish color and all kinds of faces and patterns in the smoke. It was 12 now and the shrooms had faded and I was coming down from the X. I fell asleep about twelve thirty and had some trippy ass drems about the devil and shit, any ways thats my story hope u liked it and good shrooming to all.

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