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Shrooms on the Road

Ok, where to start.

Ok, where to start. It was about 9pm and my friend had just bought a 1/2 Ounce of shrooms and had told me earlier that he'd hook me up with some once he got them. I met him and got about an 3 grams in stems only. Now, I had only taken shrooms once before but was still fuzzy about the subtle effects because my last trip had been so intense that I was confused more than anything, it was like a total mind-fuck. This time I wanted to kick back and just see some trippy stuff so I was only going to take 2 of the 3 grams to start....but my friend convinced me to take all 3 and cruise with him 4 towns over to pick up some coke that he had waiting. I was already stoned out of my skull so I agreed ;) We got about 20 miles down the free-way when I started to feel something different but I couldn't tell if I was just really high or starting to trip. My question was answered when a car driving in the opposite lane sprouted 2 extra headlights and the roadsign on my right was in some kind of Arabic jibbersish. I asked my friend if cars came with 4 headlight nowadays and he started to laugh his head off cuz he knew i was starting to trip. The lights on his i-pod were pulsing and it felt like the truck was lifting off the ground. Keep in mind that it had been about an hour since i ingested them. By the time we arrived at the place we were headed it was getting increasingly hard to tell which direction was which, and i'm not talking north south shit, i mean up and down. So we get to this house and my friend told me that I had to wait outside for awhile while he went inside, this is where the REAL trip started. I sat on a concrete block, put my head between my legs, closed my eyes and went on an adventure in my own mind. I felt like the earth was one being, that all things besides the people that walked on it were connected as one and that we were just strangers in this equally strange place. For some reason I wanted to be apart of that being and as soon as the thought crossed my mind it felt like i was molding into the Earth, every muslce in my body felt relaxed. Then a cricket chirped by my leg and the sound felt like it cut through my body and i was hurled back into reality. When my eyes opened they opened to a different world all together. The darkness outside seemed to engulf all things and the thin pinpricks of light that I could see were the ends of tunnels in my mind. I felt safe in this place though and started taking in all the sounds around me, different sounds brought on different emotions and at some points I could even SEE the sounds. For instance I watched the SOUND of a bird-chirp hit me and wash over my body. I was always hesitant to open my eyes because nothing seemed to ever stop changing shape and twisting itself, this was partly due to it being dark though. After it felt like 2 hours sitting and waiting for my friend he finally showed (it had been like 20 minutes). We drove to some gas station to fill up and he asked if I'd pump the gas while he grabbed some cigarretes. I started fueling and kept a white-knuckle grip on the the nozzle for some reason. Then it started to feel like my energy or life-force was being sucked into the truck through my hand but i couldn't let go. I ended up getting sucked "into the fuel tank" and was rocketed out the exhaust only to be standing in the exact place i started. ;) nice. I carefully placed the nozzle back on the rack and got back in the truck. My friend got back in his truck and had a really confused look on his face, it had turned out that i hadn't pumped any gas, just tripped. After a good laugh we bagan our journey home. I was starting to come back down to just pulsing lights and the occasional car jump that felt like we had hydraulics but were just cruising on the freeway. After I came down I felt totally retarded. Thoughts came slow and even time felt like it drug on for longer than it should have. Then I smoked hella bowls and woke up the next day feelin a little out of this world, not tripping just not all there.

I recomend shrooms to anyone at least ONCE. Just to experience it. Make sure you pick your spot though and have a plan before you take them because once you start you don't know whats going to happen. Thats what's so fun about shrooms though is you can have a different trip every time just by changing your surroundings. It's like a math equation, you put in a diffrerent variable then you're most likely going to get a different answer. :) Have Fun

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