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Shrooms on the Hippy Hill

Damn, I gotta say- shrooms are the shit.

Damn, I gotta say- shrooms are the shit. This was my first time ever experiencing something so hardcore. And at first i didn't think i would even trip at all. This is how it all began.

My friend Jon and I have been planning a trip for the past week or so after checking this bad ass website out. We had one of our experienced friends come with us to drive us around and make sure that we were cosure. We bought enough for all of us, and also bought a 1/4 of some schwigitty shwag. We bought some OJ from circle K, and cruised to the park to grub them. I would say i grubbed about 3 grams or so, it would definetly be a good palm full.
We then went to this fatty ass hill formation right outta town called hippy hill. Its a short hike but well worth the time because up there you could see the whole valley and all the city lights. When we got to the top it was about 20-30 minutes after we had taken the shrooms, and would be about 9:00 P.M. I could feel somehwat of a body high, and felt like i was kinda drunk because i was talking hella. I remember saying that, "this hill would be a bad ass place to get layed." and also recommending we smoke a couple bowls. After smoking, my body movements felt a little weird, and for some reason i started giggling which the giggles would echo in my head. From here on the trip got deeper and deeper. We all decided to chill up there for the next couple of hours. Jon seemed awkwardly quiet and I had to keep asking him if he was alright. I just assumed he was cool and kept to myself. Amauri (our experienced friend) would talk to us about video games, bitches, and his past time trips. I would talk back to him, but articulating myself was difficult. Soon i was having visuals, and it felt like i had those blue and green 3d glases on. The city lights, rocks and pebbles, and stars above us jolted back and forth as though it some sort of dance. I felt a burst of joy overcome me, and found myself thinking about some of the coolest shit. Amauri packed another bowl and passed it to me after he lit it up. I reached out but my hand passed his hand and pipe, but I still was able to grab it out of his hand. I looked at the pipe, put it to my mouth and somehow accomplished to light it myself. The fire from the lighter was absolutely astonishing. I've never seen things this way ever before in my life. It was as though i was in a world of absolute existence, and everything had a lot more purpose than what i normally thought before. I decided to get up and walk around the top perimeter of the hill just to check things out on my own, but something wasn't right, because i would do something, then perform the same action, and then it would be a reverse memory in my head. It was like some hardcore deJavu. The trip was cool but this DeJavu wasn't, so I hurried back to my friends. I kept the DeJaVu to myself trying to forget about that shit, and soon i was cool again. The lights in the city were phat, and the airport light that spun around was pretty trippy. We chilled up there for about the next hour and a half and decided to leave. The walk down the hill was damn near impossible, and the grade was hella steep. Amauri was tripping me out, because he shined his little LED flashlight on a rock, and it was crawling with insects- I mean MASS insects, like it was an orgy or something. We also stumbled upon a skunk which made a crazy ass noise, and I freaked out from it. I knew i was at my peak because it felt like i was on a whole different planet. Here in Arizona there is hardly any plant life and hella rock formations (canyons, platueas, mesas, palapagos, etc). Which totally made it feel like we were on the moon. My friends had these lights which one was a yellow keychain LED light, and the other was a cell phone which glowed blue. They used them as flashlights to help us stay on the trail, but i couldn't help but totally trip out on these lights. We made it back to the car, and jumped in. I felt like i was about to go on some sort of wild roller coaster ride. Amauri told us to strap in and shit, but i was too fucked up to figure that shit out. So we cruised with no seat belt, big deal, and went back to his house. The street lights on the way and glowing signs on the side of the road had me also tripping. We got to Amauri's house just to pick up his Xbox, and take it to my pad where we would stay for the night, and Amauri's trip would begin. Jon and i stayed in the small ass nissan stanza and attempted to talk to eachother, this was no easy task. I remember saying, "Dude we better not go around any sober people." and, "Amauri's a cool guy." I also said If we go to the store and go in people wont trip me out, i'll trip them out. Jon laughed from that hardcore. It felt like we were in that car forever, and the dejavu was happening again. I couldn't believe i was doing that shit, and i remember saying something to jon while i was in this state, but couldn't remember what. We both reacted the same way from my words, and that would be instantaneous laughter. But even through the laughter i was having Dejavu, and found myself to be somehwat of a prodigy. Even though i was happy for my gift, i was not happy for what it would do to my sense of reality. Finally, FINALLY Amauri comes back out with a backback, and jumps in the car. We went back to my house, and it felt as though i went on a vacation and it was good to be home. Amauri went into the bathroom with the bag of shrooms and decided a good amount for himself. He had told us his last trip was hardcore because of his heavy 7 gram dose which almost killed him. He took maybe 2.5 grams but with no OJ because we had downed it all earlier. Amauri hooked up his Xbox and we played Halo. Man was that a trip. I never noticed how dynamic the graphics for Xbox really are. The TV screen would rock back and forth in unison with my breathing and sitting in my chair has never been so comfortable. we never truly played halo where we would kill eachother but just made our guys walk around and trip out on every little detail. whenever i approached my friends character he would change all sorts of colors, because he was Cyan which is a bright green or blue, i couldn't tell. We decided to go out to my shed to blaze a few more bowls. I knew Jon wasn't nearly as fucked up as i was because that guy could still talk easily, and was picking the seeds and stems outta the buds like it was a walk in the park. It was extremely difficult to smoke the weed when the pipe was passed to me, but i managed to get a few hits out of it. Observing my friends smoking and laughing, made me think to myself that human beings are some mystical-ass creatures. After chilling for 45 minutes i could see a concerned look on amauri's face, and i then knew. He asked how it was up on the hill, i knew he wanted to go up there in this state of mind. Amauri and i started to laugh at jon- and I'm not sure for the same reason, but Jon began to look somewhat like an eewok off of star wars. Its because he has really dark colored skin and black glossy eyes like something that just got done burrowing a hole........ The trip went on for the next couple of hours, and i didnt get to sleep until about 4 in the morning. But before i got into bed i took a hot shower, and tripped out at myself in the mirror.

I never totally seen things that defied explanation like things morphing or something talking to me, But things would stretch and get all wobbolly. Also colors were cool to look at, and

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