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Shrooms n' E

I've taken three mushroom trips before, the first was great, the second was just as good, but in different ways, and the third was.

I've taken three mushroom trips before, the first was great, the second was just as good, but in different ways, and the third was...allright. A week after my third trip I decide to try it again and I want it to be better...so I take a dose of E with it. I gather a few of my friends and we eat the shrooms and I eat my E. I gather my sketchbook, a blanket, and my pot, and we all head over to the Cliffs (cool place overlooking the beach) and hang out at 6:00pm...just in time to see the sunset as we peak. At 6:15-6:30 we decide to set down and smoke a bowl or two...then I look around at the beautiful landscape. My friend selects a spot for us to all sit and be comfortable (right on the edge) and we all end up watching the clouds. I see them turn into 3D pictures of memories that I would normally never remember: passing a stranger on the street, etc... I watch the sun set for a week (it seems) and during the whole event I experienced many things. Having had success drawing once before, I draw again. I draw my thoughts...and because of the E, I FEEL every single thing I see--it's unbelievable.

Soon my friends leave because it's cold, and I know it's time for me to trip with myself--I like the cold because it stimulates my nerves and it's great on E (it's about 55 F). I know that when I am left with nothing but my own thoughts, the trip is more personal. I feel lucky that I can live in such a beautiful place, and then something amazing happens.

I see a face in the rocks and it communicates to me. It is "Mother Nature" in a form I can recognize. I am told that I am one of the select few to EVER see what I am about to see. I feel thankful and expect something great...and that's what I got. Suddenly the ground started to bulge, everything exploded in a beautifully amazing spectacle. The ocean had a new aliveness...the sky was on fire. I gripped my hands into fists and ask...I mean BEG for more. I tell Mother Nature to give me all she's got, and she does. What I experienced is not really explainable in words. I was told that I was merely an animal with a mind capable of things that no other animal is capable of...that human beings are great. I was...at that time...the single most lucky human being on the face of this Earth, and you can only IMAGINE what that would be like to trip on. I keep telling myself: I can go home happy now...but it's not over yet! I dive into my mind and experience pure consciousness. My body is gone...words are gone...society is not real, life is not real. My mind is in a void without time or space or senses. This life is just a timeless fancy of my consciousness and everything is just as my mind makes of it, nothing more: reality doesn't exist: I love it.

Then I hear a female voice that I recognize...it rips me back into reality and I find myself standing on the edge of the cliff at 9:OOpm. I think I'm dreaming, but I know who's voice it is...it's Karen. I say, "Karen?!" Then a reply...Karen is REALLY there with a friend. She tells me that I'm all alone (I don't know anything anymore) and that she's on E also. I tell her what I'm on, she gives me a huge hug...the best one of my life...and directs me to a group of people who are on E just a little down the path. I follow in a daze and sure enough...there's a group of people on E, blazing it. I am content with life at this point...happier than ever. Visuals are wearing off, but I'm still tripping mildly on stuff...the E is still going strong. I shotgun my rips with the girls around me and we have fun with lotion. The group starts admiring the drawings I had done earlier, amazed. I'm amazed too because it felt like SO long ago. The only things I can remember are my trip because that's what has filled up my brain for the time being. We take a walk to a car and drive back to school. I smoke a little more and am still dazed. Music is GREAT...and so are people. I meet up with my original group and we smoke too...VERY HAPPY. For the rest of the night we just hung out and talked about our trips.

The only thing that we ALL agreed on was that breaking apart from eachother during our peaks was the best thing we could have done. Being alone with your OWN thoughts...no words...is the ultimate thing. I got the most out of mushrooms than I've ever had before. Good luck to all of you out there...and remember: make it a good one for Mother Nature!

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