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First Time Trip!

It started on a Monday morning in the summer time.

It started on a Monday morning in the summer time. It took a trip over to my girlfriend's house and i brought about a little more than an 1/8 over. We ingested them at about 10:45 in the morning with some peanut butter and OJ. After about 30 minutes i started to become dazed. Not to bad, but dazed. After a little more time i became hysterical and started laughing at a lot of stupid ass things. About an hour after ingesting them, i started to see wavy movements in the bathroom floor. My girlfriend and i sat there for a few minutes and starred. Not to many visuals, but enough to keep us busy starring. Then, it started to hit us harder. We sat on the couch, and listened to one of her brother's friends talk about his problems. We laghed at so many things, but they weren't even that funny and we forgot what he was even saying. Then his words became a slur cause i started to focus on the rainbowy colors that were all around the guy that was talking. Things started to seem brighter and better. The guy talked for like 25 minutes, but it seemed like eternity. When he left, it started to really kick in. We both starred at her cool couch, which has hella lines and shit on it. For me, they started to shift and breathe. Then i looked at a couch further away and it started to go further away and the floor was twirling and moving. That was a trip. As i was doing all this my girlfriend was starring at a pillow with lots of leaves and stuff on it. It apparently turned into a snail with a mouth and stuff. That was cool. I was so indulged in just looking at the couch. I starred at it more and i felt it getting closer, almost as if i was in it. Then the patterns turned into a fat blur and i saw a lion figure pop out, it was sweet. We then clumbsily wandered into her room, where we starred at the cealing. It started intensly twisting and turning, and i saw hella images like the masked guy from scream and she was seeing some wierd shit too. By that time it was 1 o'clock but we though it was like 5 or so. We kept walking around the house and starred at the couches some more and the bathroom floor some more, too. It was a great first time trip. Very laid back and relaxed, but many cool visuals too. Shrooms are cool

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