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shrooms kick @$$

Well heres how it goes.

Well heres how it goes..........

But first a little info on me; I am 15yrs old and I live in TX.

It was a Friday night and both of my parents left me home alone. ( bad mistake ) I decided that I would trip my ass of since I am a stoner. I ate 4 tall stems to some killer shrooms that my friend and I picked, smoked a phat joint and drank a 4 oz bottle of cough syrup which has 350mg of DXM which has the similar effect of LSD. Within the first 15 minutes I had a warm feeling of euphoria in my hands and legs. 1 hour after that everything hit me VERY HARD.
I walked into my room and just fell on my bed. I couldn't move an inch. I was sooooo stoned I couldn't move my body. I was tripping hard, I saw devils and my walls were burning flames!!!!!!!! no lie

e-mail me back ASAP at hilfiger_42@hotmail.com for any comments or questions


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