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Shrooms are bad mmmmmmmkay

Well,This is the first report I've ever done for Shroomery, I've read 100's of other peoples reports and could relate to most, if not , all of them.

This is the first report I've ever done for Shroomery, I've read 100's of other peoples reports and could relate to most, if not , all of them. My report will be about my 22nd trip approx..... I have had good trips and I've had extremely bad ones as well. Bad trips are one of the worst things that could happen to anyone, because your brain controls every single bit of your body, you lose control of your brain, you can't control anything in your body. This trip report is about a bad trip, not my worse, but pretty damn close.

I was tripping with my g/f one night at my house.We both ate about a 1/2 an 1/8th, which is nothing, but a bad trip can come from the smallest amount of shrooms. Anyways, we both started tripping good at the beginning, the usual giggling and the start of everything warping and/or melting. We had some people over our place just to hang out, they weren't tripping, but were smoking some weed, pretty good weed I might add. Anyways, I've only smoked once on mushrooms and I didn't quite like the head buzz I received off it, but I was willing to give it another shot this time around. So we smoked a bowl, and some more,and some more, I smoked more than I have ever did, I'm not a weed smoker so that probably isn't much to everyone else, but it was for me.All of a sudden,I was tripping, hard, everything was blurred as if I was drunk off some Bacardi 151, which everyone knows,can fuck you up hardcore. So I got up and went to take a leak,as I was pissing I was starring into the bottom of the toilet bowl,I actually forgot why I was in the bathroom, ignoring my flow of piss somehow, and I just got into a deep trance. As I kept starring into the toilet bowl I lost all the thoughts in my head, I mean completely,you know the voice inside your head, well, I didn't have one, it's so hard to explain it, but I couldn't think, it was just like a void of some sort. In my trancey stare,I kept seeing images of me as a little kid, playing in the playground, opening presents at Christmas time, and all childhood stuff. I finally snapped out of my trance , I'm guessing about 10 minutes, even though it only seems like 5 seconds. I walked out of the bathroom and passed our dark room before the living room, where everyone was sitting under blacklights and such, and as I was passing through the dark room, I still couldn't think of anything, there was absolutely no thoughts floating around in my head, all I kept seeing was blurred visions on the outside of my body. I walked into the living room, everyone asked me where I had been for 10 minutes, I looked at them as if they were aliens or something, because I didn't know who they were at first, and what I was doing.I could feel my whole body tense up and my brain felt like it weighed a ton, the weed had helped with that feeling.The strangeous thing though, which has never happened to me before, is that I started to get into a deep deep trance with every single thing I starred at, this might not seem bad, but I would just go deeper and deeper into it, almost to the point where I'd give up on my brain control,because I had very tiny control at that point anyways.I can only describe my visuals as every second on a clock. I would turn my head from left to right, and it was a huge blurr at first, but as I kept my head still, I would start to see every section, like a clock going to every second,so I'd see the tv,then a poster,the couch,a person,another person ... and so on, this was AFTER I turned my head and it seemed like it took forever to end. This is where my bad trip comes into play, because I have never experienced this before, and as cool as the clock visual thing seemed at first, it was annoying and uncontrollable. Every single time I turned my head I'd start the "clock" thing again, I'd see every section of the room that my eyes originally caught , but were blurred out at first. And when I kept my eyes focused on one thing , I'd go into a deep deep trance , and I'd start feeling afraid because I didn't know if I was breathing or not, I didn't know if my part of the brain that told me to breathe had failed, so every few seconds I'd take a big gasp of air and turn my head, and the clock thing would happen again and again, it was unbareable, I was having a bad trip, I wanted to get out of it as soon as possible. My friends were looking at me and knew I was having a hard time, one of my friends/roomate, who has never tripped before in his life, was laughing at me, telling me how fucked up I was, and asked me if I was more scared of ghost and aliens and stuff when I was on shrooms,than if I were sober. My g/f told him to shut the fuck up, because she knew that would bother me. What's weird is that it didn't bother me at all, I was so concerned about my breathing that everything else around me seemed to be obsolete.I was in my own cube and evveryone else was outside of it watching me struggle with the power of my own brain,the weed, and the shrooms. At that point I could think inside my head, as I kept starring around the room,gasping for air,and seeing the clocktype visuals. I couldn't control my thoughts though, all that kept popping inside my head seemed to be a warning of some sort, and warning from the mushrooms, telling me to stay away or else.I mean, that's why the mushrooms produce these chemicals anyway, to keep us and other animals away from them while they grow.That's all I kept thinking about, it was horrible. Somehow I finally sat down next to my g/f,who was tripping and knows how to take care of me when I start going "insane" which I pretty much was for awhile.She gave me a big hug and I couldn't stop going into my deep trances when I kept my eyes still, and I couldn't stop the clocklike visuals,which was really starting to mess up my brain, I didn't know how to stop it.The hug was kind of relieving though, but wasn't enough, I wanted this trip to stop right off. I closed my eyes, and everything was somewhat better,I kept moving my eyes around because I could still get into a deep deep thought if I kept them still,so as I moved my eyes throughout the backsides of my eyelids it felt like the bed spins if I were extremely drunk.This I could tolerate better than seeing people,posters,tv's and such,because it was a dark spin. I felt so relieved. I asked my g/f if we had any milk, because I wanted to come down from this trip,which had lasted about 2 hours by now.Everyone else was just sitting there watching me, getting a kick out of how fucked up I was, I guess they just didn't get it,obviously they didn't, otherwise they'd try to help me.It was okay though,it was an experience I'm glad happened,but it was one of the worst ever. It was a big learning experience for me. Overall, we didn't have any milk, so my trip kept on doing the same shit for another two hours or more.As time went by though, I could feel myself gaining control over my brain once again,and it felt great.I didn't have complete control yet, but just enough to keep me confident, confident enough that I wasn't worried about breathing anymore,and the clocktype visuals weren't as bad.I think it was the hug from my g/f that kicked the bad trip in the ass. Because when she hugged me for those few seconds, I could see and feel what love actually was, and it is an extremely powerful thing, it's so hard to explain , but love can overpower and dominate everything at anytime.I saw this for only a few seconds but I learned enough , it was amazing. My lessons learned though, is that shrooms can be fun, it's interesting to explore your brain and kind of get an idea on how it works, and how complicated it can be, I learned that these mushrooms I ate mean business, and if I had anymore to eat then what I did, I probably wouldnt' have exited out of my trances,and I probably could of hurt myself pretty bad.Bad enough to even consider myself dead,brain dead.There are so many things that a person experiences while tripping,most of them can't be explained,but a little explaination of some things helps others see and feel what the experience was like,it's truely an incredible thing because we get to see what it's like to be that other person , maybe for only a few seconds,but those few seconds you aren't yourself,you are the other person!So while you are the person for those few seconds,where are you?Probably inside someone else for those few seconds,that's the way I see it,but I don't know,I do know that I will be tripping a little bit lesser and consuming in tiny amounts. Happy Tripping everyone and "Beware of Shroom"=)

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