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Shrooms and acid

Ok here is how it went it was me and my friends josh and devin now devin was the designated driver, well not really he just didnt have any money so he didnt get any.

Ok here is how it went

it was me and my friends josh and devin now devin was the designated driver, well not really he just didnt have any money so he didnt get any. but anyways me and josh each chewed a halfquarter of cyclobe mushrooms and took a tab of acid. now i have done my fair share of mushrooms but ive only done acid once b4 and i didnt mix the last time.

now after about 10 minutes i started to get a body buzz it was where i got this tingally feeling in my arms and my chest now last time i took acid by the time i got this feeling i had mistaken it for "sumthing under my skin" and i freaked out scratching at my arms but this time i knew what it was

me and my friend sat in my room for a while and ythen i realised that doing these drugs in my bedroom while my parents are upstairs is not a good idea so we decided tyo go for a walk, we all got our coats on and got all the trippy things we had decided on bringing, one being an air-zooka( this cool thing that shoots a ball of air at u but u can acually feel the air fitting u ) and a few glowing things i had around, we realised we had no idea where we where going so after about 20 mins of conteplating wher we where goin we headed out to the local forest.

now at this point i was between stage 2 n 3 and i was seeing things move a lil bit like sort of.... breathing or pulsing. anyways i went upstairs n as i was walking though my kitchen my mothers friend jumped infront of me and said"do u have an extra cigarette" buit she said it really fast and i was liek omg wtf do i do and i was tripping out so hard that even tho i had smokes in my pocket i said no and then she quickly responed "why not" and i was like WHAT THE FUCK MAN THIS IS TRIPPIN ME OUT but i calming said "i..... dunno" at taht point i noticed her face was pulsing/melting and i really started to get scared. meanwhile my friends r waiting behind me thinking the exact same things so i tryed to walk past her on the side and she jumped in front of me and its just like omfg i cannot handen this so i turned around and went out my side door lol she got offended but i didnt care.

we then proceeded to walk to the foresttalkng about how bad we r tripping out

when we got the the forest i lookin in and at this point it was about 10pm and i looked in he forest and sazw the moon light reflecting off of the leaves as the leaves russteled in the wind and it looked like the leaves where flashing at me and i could not bring myself to go in there i said "there is no way" and i sat down on the side of the road i was like ok guyz u go though and ill wait here/

after about 20 mins they convinced me 2 go in

while i was walking though the forsdt in the pitch black i saw this bag hanging from a tree
its was a plastic grocery bag but i swear to god it was a bubble

i walked up all slow and amazed and i was slowly reaching out 2 it but then i realized i wasnt quite sure if i wanted to touch it at that point my friend devin who is sober(well he smoked some weed but fuck weed isnt a drug its routine)says "man.... its a fucking bag" and i went o and suddenly it turned froma bubble into a plastic bag.

we continued to walk though the forest and back to my house but at somepoint on the way back to my house josh said"oh my fucking god i got to go man" and started running off n thats the last we saw of him
but we where bakc at my house anfd i was tripping out so hard

my buddy put alien vs preditor on and omg not a good movie to watch on shrooms n cid

there was this one part of the movie where they r in this room and the door sstart closeing n as the first door shut on them i was like "oh fuck" n then the next one shut i was liek wtf yo n i was like talking to my friend n then after the last one came down i was like standing up waving ym arms in the air saying" man how the fuck r we gonna gfet outta here man" and it only got worse

i would love to tell you more but i have to leave right now so i will come bak another day and finish it in the comments section

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