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Shrooming at school = worst trip ever

The date was April 20th, (4:20) and Star testing was going on in school.

The date was April 20th, (4:20) and Star testing was going on in school. It was the first day of testing so the classes for that day were 1st period and 6th period. I had bought 5 grams of shrooms the following day to take on 4:20, but I didn’t plan on taking them at school. It was the worst decision I had ever made.
My 1st period class was Drama 1 and we had a substitute. The only thing we were going to do in that class was watch the Lion King, no testing at all. Also in my 6th period class, we had taken the tests earlier so it was going to be a movie day in my 6th period (History). I asked myself, “Hey, I’m going to be in these 2 classes for 3 hours each with no testing at all, I have shrooms in my pocket, hmmm, what should I do?” I decided I’d take the shrooms and see what would happen.
I told my friends Anthony and Mark that I was about to eat some shrooms. What they said were, “Dude, eat them.” Luckily I had brought with me a bag of Doritos so I had something to chase the shrooms with. The shrooms were beautiful, small with tiny shiny caps, I was going to get fucked. I placed 3 shrooms between 2 pieces of chips and ate it. I waited 5 min. and got really impatient since nothing was happening yet (stupid me, I knew it takes awhile for shrooms to kick in but I was too impatient). Before I knew it, I had eaten my whole bag of shrooms, 5 whole grams. The time was now 8:05; school had just begun and I didn’t know what to expect.
I hadn’t told my friend Donna and Nicole yet that I had just eaten shrooms. They soon left and went into this other room that was connected to our class. Our drama class had a room where everyone would watch the movie and there’s a separate room with nothing but couches where people would sit and chat and had different colored tarp covering the walls. Ten minutes had gone by and I started to get strong hallucinations. I said to Mark, “Hey, there’s fairies climbing on the pipes above us. They’re not flying though, they’re just crawling on the pipes. I know they’re not real but I wish you could see them.” Our class had no ceiling so the pipes were bare. Mark’s response, “Haha, fairies?” I tried to ignore the fairies, but as time went by I couldn’t take it anymore. What these fairies were doing was unscrewing the pipes so they would fall on all of us. These fairies were planning on killing us. I freaked out. I told Mark, “I know the fairies’ plans, they’re unscrewing the pipes to kill us! I need to get outta here!” After that, I jumped out of my seat, hopped over the metal hand bars that were behind us and went into the other room to join Donna and Nicole.
At this time, 8:30 or so, I had somewhat control over myself. I knew the reality around me and could manipulate it, but that soon would be gone. I sat down on the couch with them and tried to act as normal as I could. Soon Anthony and Mark had come in and they told the 2 girls that I had just eaten some magic mushrooms, they were surprised. We sat and began talking, they asked if I could walk in a straight line, I tried, I don’t know if I did or not. As I was walking back toward the couch Mark said, “Look out for the lake!” I knew he was trying to fuck with me so I ignored the “lake”. Then he made a splashing noise as if I had fallen in and I freaked out and jumped on the couch. Then I saw something that was across the room from us. It was a fake baby hanging from a chain by his head from the roof. I told my friends this and they started laughing. They thought that I was just seeing things and told me I was just tripping out until finally Donna DID see the baby on the chain and said, “OMG! There actually is a baby there, hahaha we thought you were just hallucinating.” I said, “No, I told you it was there.” Everyone laughed hysterically. Then things started to get freaky.
I looked at my phone and it was 10:30. I thought to myself, “Already? We had just started class.” Class was going to end at 11 so there was hardly any time left. I would hear noises everywhere. I kept thinking I heard Donna and Nicole laughing, but they said they weren’t. I was confused. Since we were watching the Lion King, my whole trip had a jungle theme. Our friend Justin had also joined in on the fun. He’s a big guy so whenever I had looked at him, he would turn into a gorilla. His arms got hairy as fuck and his face slowly morphed into an apelike feature, but it still had the characteristics of Justin. The walls behind him started to grow vines and leaves and I heard sounds of tribal drums playing. Every time I looked over at Anthony, he would make noises like a panther even though he wasn’t making any noises at all; everyone was changing. Soon enough, this guy Aaron had come in and joined in to fuck with me. After what seemed like hours had passed, it was only 10:30, still. I freaked out.
Aaron said that I had pissed myself, since I was shrooming I believed him. Everyone had told me I had pissed myself (later I would find out that I never did piss myself). I would look down at my pants and it looked as if they were soaked. I would reach down to touch them and my hands would be soaked. It looked all too real, so I freaked out. I said, “WTF am I going to do! I can’t believe I pissed myself at school! NO!” Donna, Nicole and everyone else there would get up saying, “EWW! That’s so fucking gross,” and they would leave the room and leave me by myself. Then as if nothing had happened, they would come strolling back into the room and say nothing and just stare at me. I was freaking out. Later on I would find out that they never ever even left my side the whole time. Weird how I would imagine them walking away when they never did. These hallucinations were getting too strong.
They told me my eyes were huge so I got up to look in the mirror. My eyes WERE fucking huge, there was no brown in my eyes at all, I looked exactly like Mickey Mouse and I couldn’t stop smiling. My face started to pulse; it looked like little hands were trying to pop out as if something was trapped inside my face wanting to get free. This didn’t scare me; I thought it was pretty neat and smiled even bigger, which I thought would be impossible for me to do. Then I heard the bell ring, I thought class was over and everyone left the room. I wondered, “Holy shit, they just left me like this.” Then I heard the bell ring again and they came strolling back in with their backpacks and just sat down as if nothing happened. The bell never did ring, I just imagined it. And them walking out? Hmm, I guess I imagined that too. I looked at my phone after over 3 hours and the time was 10:30. It was too much for me to handle and I dropped my phone. Donna had to take my phone away from me because I kept looking at it and it would continue to tell me the same time over and over again, it kept freaking me out. I believed I would never leave the time 10:30.
I still thought that I had pissed myself and tried to ignore it. Soon some girl came in, I can’t remember her name. She asked what was wrong with me and if I was drunk. They told her I was on shrooms. She asked, “What’s that? What do u do with them, eat them?” She asked if she could hit me, they said yes and she just slapped me across the face, I looked confused and she started laughing. Soon the substitute teacher, he’s Jamaican, came into the room to check on us, I tried to act normal and I think I pulled it off. He said, “You guys ok? Alrite.” And then he left. More people would come into the room. I forgot who but he came in and told me, “Nader! Everyone knows you’re shrooming. Your parents are outside waiting for you.” I believed him when he said everyone knew, because everyone came into the room one by one and saw me, but I knew he was lying about my parents so I just ignored him. Now it was only me, Donna, Nicole, Anthony, Mark, Justin, and Aaron in the room.
Nicole then said, “Ew, omg, what’s that smell?” Then Anthony and Mark said, “Woa, there’s a dead puppy in this box”, and they started to jab at it with a stick. Nicole and Donna would say, “No, don’t do that you guys that’s so sad.” Since this was an acting class, everyone gave everything they got to fool me, it worked. I would look over at Nicole and Donna and it looked like they were crying tremendously and I would ask, “What puppy? Stop fucking around.” Nicole would say, “Nader that’s not funny, there’s a dead puppy right over there. Can’t you smell it? Don’t you have a heart?” And I said, “It’s not my fault! I’m on shrooms, you know that. I don’t know what’s real or not!” And I didn’t, everything unusual seemed real to me. I lost complete touch with reality. I had entered a new dimension and everything was turned around. The walls began to breathe tremendously and it closed in on me. Different colors of light flashed all around me as Aaron, what seemed like, would just run around in circles in front of me for hours. I asked Donna what time it was, she told me 10:31. I freaked out saying, “It’s only been a minute?! That can’t be, it’s been hours!”
A guy named Fabio came in and saw what was happening. He asked what was wrong with me and they told him I was shrooming. He asked to see my shrooms. I didn’t have any left but he didn’t know that and I told him “No” anyway. He said if I didn’t show him the shrooms that he was going to start killing people. I was scared, but I still didn’t show him the “shrooms”. Then it looked as if he had punched Aaron and Aaron fell face down on the floor. He was dead, or so I thought he was. I said, “Omg, he killed Aaron!” Fabio said, “I told you, now are you going to show me the shrooms? If you don’t I’m going to kill Donna.” But sadly, I still didn’t show him the shrooms and he soon left. Suddenly, the real bell had finally rung and it was time to leave the class. What was going to happen to me now? No one else in school knows I’m on shrooms and none of my friends from my drama class were in any other class with me. Where was I supposed to go?
Donna took me by the arm and we went out the classroom. Once I stepped out, it was as if I stepped onto an alien planet. I said to Donna, “Omg, Fabio killed Aaron.” She told me not to worry about it. Everyone was looking at me, and I mean everyone. They must’ve known I was on something or maybe I was just tripping. Donna directed me to my friend Benny, I have a class with him in 6th period. I don’t know what Donna was telling him because I was wandering around but later I found out that Donna told him I was shrooming and for him to take care of me. Donna’s a sweetheart, even if she did fuck with me on shrooms, that bitch. Just kidding. Well anyways, it was lunch time for some people but not for Benny and I so we started walking toward our class in the T buildings. As we were walking, Benny had to hold onto my backpack because if he hadn’t I would’ve wondered off in some direction.
We were approaching the stairs to go down toward the classes when my friend Jordan came walking toward us. Jordan had wanted to get his hands on shrooms so I had gotten some for him as well the day before. He approached us smiling and asked me, “Nader, are you on shrooms?!” I asked with a hysterical smile, “How do you know?” His reply, “ ‘Cuz you’re walking like this.” And he imitated the way I was walking and it was as if I was unstable. He flailed his arms from side to side and arched his back backwards. I couldn’t believe I was actually walking like that, I couldn’t control it. I turned around behind me and saw my friend Mark (from drama) talking to some people as they all stared at me and laughed. They knew I was shrooming now too. We walked toward class and Jordan walked with us telling me he shroomed the night before and showed me things he had written as he was shrooming. What he wrote was, “Fuck Jack!” Over and over again. It didn’t make any sense at all, because Jordan told me that he didn’t know anyone named Jack. I was confused.
Before Benny and I got inside our class I ran into my friend Bryan. He knew I had shrooms with me that day and asked me, “Shit, did you take them.” I replied, “What you think? Dude, did I piss myself ‘cuz I feel really wet.” He laughed hard but Benny told me I hadn’t pissed myself and not to worry about it, so I didn’t. I asked Benny if Aaron was okay because Fabio had killed him. Benny said, “What? No, don’t worry about him, I’m sure he’s fine.” We got in class and I just waited.
We sat in our seats and the bell had rung to begin class. Our teacher had mentioned that we were to watch a documentary on events that took place in the 60’s. We had to write down questions he had given us and had to answer them while we watched the video. As he read out loud the questions for us to write down, I tried my best to write. I grasped my pen and put it on the paper; I could not feel the surface I was writing on. My hand began to write in different directions; I started scribbling all over the paper; I couldn’t write. My friend Jessica, who was sitting next to me, leaned over and started laughing asking me what the hell I was doing. I told her, “I can’t write, I’m trying.” She laughed. I began complaining loudly and saying that Fabio had killed Aaron; Benny turned around and told me to be quiet. He said he would let me copy his work after the video was done. He said to me, “Sit quietly and draw pictures.” “Pictures? Of what?” I would ask. He said anything, to draw a picture of him. The teacher turned off the lights and we began watching the movie.
I began drawing a picture of Benny, and showed it to my neighbor, Janine. She asked me why I was acting all weird and she began to laugh. I told her that I was on shrooms and she called me crazy and asked if it was my first time. I told her no, it was my 3rd. She looked at the picture of Benny that I drew and she began laughing and showed it to her neighbor and told him I was shrooming. She was jealous, she had wanted to shroom but told me she was just going to smoke after school for 4:20. Suddenly, I heard the bell ring again. I asked, “Did class just start? I thought it started awhile ago?” Both her and Benny told me “yes” and that class had just started. After what seemed like 50 minutes had gone by, the bell rang again and my friend Thomas came in. I started freaking out asking, “WTF? Did class just start? Where did Thomas come from?” Janine laughed and said, “Yes, class just started, but Thomas just got back from lunch.” It didn’t make any sense to me. She told me to calm down and to keep drawing pictures, so I did.
I once fell out of my seat, but I picked myself back up, hoping I didn’t cause too much of a racket. There was a helicopter on the video so I started drawing a helicopter. Around it, I wrote the words, “Dooka dooka” because that is the sound that helicopters make. I showed it to Benny and he laughed. I drew other pictures as well; I still have that piece of paper which I drew all the pictures on, it’s hilarious. Suddenly, I looked over at my neighbor, Janine, and she was putting makeup (blush I think) on her chest. I looked over confused with what I was seeing and asked her, “What are you doing??” She looked over at me, laughed and said, “It makes it look darker.” I was still confused because I didn’t know what I was seeing was real or not. I told her, “I don’t know what’s going on.” She laughed and said she was jealous. I would keep asking her this for a couple more minutes until finally the bell rang for us to go to lunch.
Once outside I realized I had to piss so I went to the bathroom. As I pissed it seemed like the piss was connected wit me and absorbed up into my body; it seemed like I had been pissing for about 10 minutes. Once I was done I got outside and walked out onto the quad with Benny. I saw my friend Mike, I got the shrooms through him, and walked up to him. He said, “You’re on shrooms aren’t you?” I asked him how he knew and he said the whole school knows. “Really?” I asked and he said, “Naw, I’m just kidding. Jordan told me.” About this time the shrooms were losing there affect. We got back to class and I slowly came back to reality. The time was 2:00 and it was until another hour school would be over. I told everyone about my day and decided never to do that again. Shrooming at school was the worst idea I ever had.

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