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Dosage was normal, initial effects were of average/normal intensity.

Dosage was normal, initial effects were of average/normal intensity.

The interesting/unusual portion of my trip occured as I was resting on my couch in front of the computer with my friend, both of us half engrossed in a computer game while deciding what we want to be doing for the night.

Anyway, I happened to glance aside and noticed the small brown bottle of poppers my girlfriend's friend had left and ever so casually I took the bottle, gently unscrewed the top and had a sniff.

Just for curiosity's sake....

Anyway nothing much happened for a while... until I started focusing on the computer screen... and then I was startled by the fact that in my field of vision there was now nothing but the glowing screen... all else was pitch black. All peripheral details rapidly faded out of my brain and I was left with only my "focus" - that being the screen.

Actually this feeling was incredibly exciting for some reason, a feeling of total isolation from the world and of no input except a constant, known, predictable input (the computer game on the computer screen). The glowing plane was very beautiful, as was of course the rest of the black empty view space (which I somehow saw without focusing upon)

This state of isolation continued for approximately half an hour (actual time) and it seemed like much longer. My friend says that I had a look on my face like a "baby looking at angels" (translation) so anyway I was pretty happy. I know poppers are only supposed to last for 1-2 minutes, but this time they acted as catalysts for a very unusual visual. I have attempted, by concentrating really hard, to duplicate this effect when not tripping and it works... just not to the same degree and lasts only for about 20 seconds.

For conclusion: poppers, a very pleasant trip toy Warning: i don't know how safe poppers are, i do not use them more than 1-3 times a week. no headaches yet. ;)

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