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shroom the fuck out

Yo, me and my friend had a shit load of magic shrooms and so we decided to take a high dosage trip.

Yo, me and my friend had a shit load of magic shrooms and so we decided to take a high dosage trip. I took about 3.5 to 4 grams and about 20 minutes later, it hit me hard. The shrooms forced my eyes to shut and I went into this 4 dimensional nightmare. It was intense, man! I knew it was the start of a bad trip but I couldn't do anything about it. I tried to get up and turn off the music but didn't have enough power so I just had to wait for the CD to end which took forever.

When it did, I woke up and it felt like I had just died and been reborn again. The rest of the trip was wicked. I put on some music and I enjoyed moments of peace and tranquility which seemed to last forever. I was able to access parts of my brain that was never used before. I could read other people's mind and feel what they were feeling. I was able to see many points of view to one situation. I saw all these intricate multi-color designs in the air and I could control and move them with my hands. I think I was able to use my brain and look into my past and my future.

I then went downstairs to get some food and ran into my mother's plants. This was fucked up. I suddenly felt buzzed and couldn't moved forward. I sat down in front of the plant and I think it was communicating with me telepathically. Every few seconds, I would get buzzed, my head would shake and I would laugh my head off for no reason and this went on for at least 20 minutes. The only other time that I've felt like this was while taking drags of a blunt at the peak of my trip.

The beginning of this trip was as horrible as it gets but the rest was fuckin worth it. I've never been so smart in my life. Now I'm stupid again! But it's cool, I'm startin to learn more about buddhism and spirituality and preparing for my next trip. So anyone who has never shroomed before, be sure to go out and cop dat. Word. Like George Harrison said, it's like gaining a hundred years of knowledge in 12 hours.

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