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Shroom Story

Thanks Kejak for writing the story and Chaffyn for pointing it out to me!

Thanks Kejak for writing the story and Chaffyn for pointing it out to me!

I spent $90 this weekend to pick up a half oz. of shrooms which were supposedly mexican... now, I don't know much about the chemistry, history, or growing procedures, but I am familiar enough with the dealing & doing. I ended up munching about 4 or 5 grams (figured a high dose would be in order since I normally drop 5 hits, and I'm on Zoloft (an MAOI i think)). I melted yo... I remained totally coherent the entire time, and thus, was able to walk around and talk with people where I was at (E-Party, a rave in Toronto)... let me tell ya; the music was amazing, the place was done up in black light, flourescence, and trippy shit everywhere... there were lots of couches, and lots of other people tripping or high in some other way (lots of crystal kidz)...

I had the best time of my life, some how. I met up with two very nice females... normally I don't mess with that shit when I'm raving, but we were all mellow with each other.... just sat on a couch, gave lots of hugs to people when we were up and about, and did fun little things... such as breaking glowsticks! fuck! i started tripping hard when someone sprayed that shit all over me... i was sitting in the near dark and all of a sudden my hands glow like some kind of alien power source. i could see the messages being sent between the cells in my hands as pinpricks of light firing up from the lava-like muck. neato... i smeared it on someones face. heh...

other shit happened. danced for a bit to some hard house beatz... good shit. ran up to people and did the cheezy 'random hugging' thing (not as cheezy as you think... i got laid for a random hug once....). and then there was the intellectual stuff... you know; you get in some serious discussion and talk about something nifty... everything is profound and spacy. and then someone just laughs and says something stupid and *bOOM* the conversation zooms off on some other tangent.

anyways, i have about 2 grams left, all powder... i'm gonna go out and get some herbz, roll that shit up in a nice phattie, and smoke wiff some friends. gonna find out how good smokin' shrooms is...

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