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She looked back!

I have gone on the journey with shrooms about five times now and this is a report of the second and most intense trip.

I have gone on the journey with shrooms about five times now and this is a report of the second and most intense trip. I always do shrooms with two close friends of mine and now one of them includes his wife into the mix which is really great as we have become a very close group of mental explorers throughout the last year. We always have our experience at the same person's house every time as it's really large and has a wonderful spare bedroom that we primarily stay in for the ride. We even refer to this house now as "The Toadstool" just as an inside joke.

So on our second journey, I took a pretty large amount of Golden Teachers as did my friends. My first trip just a few weeks before got me to a solid Level 3 which was an amazing experience in and of itself. Round 2 though got me to a very strong Level 4. At about an hour after consuming them, we started all feeling really heavy and wanted to creep upstairs which we did. We threw down a bunch of pillows on the floor and set some music on. It was in the in the late winter and at this time, it was about 9:30 at night.

By 10:30 we were tripping very heavily. I remember at one point I was laying on my back and looking up at the ceiling. Light was coming in through the window from the moon and streetlights and was casting a very odd shadow on the oposite wall. I remember actually being able to see not the light rays, but the thickness of the shadows as it moved through the air before landing on the wall. It was as if I was watching light and shadow moving in slow motion. It was a truly amazing sensation. I got up and moved over to a bed that is in the room and flopped down on it. I think one of my friends threw something up at me like a ribbon and it really amazed me for a while just how animated it was flying through the air.

I was somehow moving on the bed and fell off due to lack of balance and reality. I was on all fours on the floor and then, suddenly, I had a short out of body experience. It was as if my entire soul and existence plunged through the floor into the 1st floor below us. I literally felt as though I was a presence in the room just below us. I was able to somehow move around the room in a way never before imaginable. It was as if I was occupying every cubic inch of the room all at the same moment. I was in my friends' home office and I could read the posters on the wall, read books on the bookshelf, and stare at the glow of a computer screen all at the exact same moment. I was probably in the room for about a minute. Then, WHAM, I shot right back into my body. My friends were looking at me a bit weird as I'm sure my body was doing odd things while this happened. I told them I was just downstairs in the office and everyone gasped in amazement. I regained my composure and then it happened again but this time much worse.

My body fell to the ground which was the last thing I remember from that moment. I fell face-first into the carpet with my arms by my side, just lying there like a corpse. In that exact second, I had a huge out of body experience traveling clear through the earth to somewhere in a southeast Asian country. I'm still not exactly sure where. I think it could have been China, but I'm not completely sure. It was as if I plunged straight through the Earth and this is where I wound up. It wasn't like I was walking, it was more like my existence was floating about ten feet off the ground somehow. I was hovering over the tops of people in a busy city. It was daytime and there were many people walking underneath me in a busy city street. Many people were dressed professionally, as if they were going to and from work in the many big buildings that surrounded me. It was as if I was standing in the middle of Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, etc. There was a lot of activity and hustle-bustle. Cars honking horns, people carryin briefcases, etc. I'm watching all of this from a slightly aerial point of view mind you. I was a little confused at this point as to how I got there and how all this was possible, but quickly I stopped trying to figure it out and just let it happen.

So I'm floating in mid-air over this moving crowd of people underneath me. I must have been a spirit in form somehow as nobody seemed to notice me...I had no real physical form. This was probably going on for about five to ten minutes. So I'm looking at all these people beneath me and this is the part where it gets a bit creepy. This woman is walking with the flow of traffic through a crosswalk and then makes it to the sidewalk about where I was hovering over. She walks underneath me as so many people did before me. She takes a few steps and stops in her tracks. She was a pretty asian woman, about 25 years old, wearing a grey womans business suit and heels carrying a large handbag/purse. When she stopped, she had a sort of confused look on her face, as if she saw something she passed but didn't know what it was. It was as if she passed someone on the street that she knew but didn't remember their name...that type of look. So she stands there for a few seconds and then turns around 180 degrees but isn't walking...she is just standing there. She then starts to look around her, like as if she dropped something large and is looking for it. Then she stops again, and looks straight up in the air right at me. I'm looking at this woman go through all these moves and then she looks right into my eyes as if she saw me floating there. She then gets this very shocked look on her face as if she literally saw a ghost. The weird part was, she did, and the ghost was ME! In that exact instant, I felt this tugging on my soul like as if I had a rope tied around my waist. Then, WHAM, I was being pulled back to my body in a very rapid way. Two seconds later, I was back in my body, lying on my friend's floor face down. I got up and I was pouring sweat. My friends looked worried because evidentally I was lying in that same position without moving for about 15 minutes. The first words out of my mouth were, "SHE LOOKED BACK! OH MY GOD, SHE LOOKED BACK AT ME!" I was really freaked out by this. So I had to explain the whole experience to them right then and there.

To this day I'm still a bit weirded out by this experience. I haven't tripped as hard since then, but the stranget thing about this was that to this day, the face of this woman is burned into my memory with crystal clarity. My memory of this woman's face is so clear that I really want to find a police sketch artist just so that I can have him draw her based on my memory of this experience. Wild stuff!

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