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I'm an experienced 16yr old shroomer; I've taken shrooms around 25 times before this.

I'm an experienced 16yr old shroomer; I've taken shrooms around 25 times before this. I've also had experiences with LSD, LSA, DXM, many with THC, and some amphetamines, MDMA, cocaine, and opiates... I have to say this was one of the more spiritual and introspective trips I've taken; definately the strongest trip with mushrooms I've taken.

I placed three grams of strong psilocybin cubensis mushrooms into a tea and let them boil for about 25 minutes. I drank the tea and ate another 2 grams of psilocybin cubensis when I first noticed a reality shift about 15minutes after tea consumption.
First effects
0:15- Things became hyper-real. I was sitting outside with all my other friends in a sunny day outside my house (this is actually happening). We're all on shrooms; I begin to sense that there is something beautiful about this and my vision becomes sharp and acute. Colours are enhanced and visually pleasing. I begin to feel a nausea in my stomach.
0:40- I enter the "drunk-high" phase of mushrooms; this is before the introspective and philosophical thoughts enter my head; at this time my mind feels completely lost and bewildered almost as if I've been reborn and am learning everything agian.
0:50- I go inside due to the fact that talking to friends has become far too confusing. All perspective is meaningless; I am unable to comprehend contour lines of walls and doors and floor; in the further points of my vision about 10metres from me all lines have become fragmented and their meaning is lost on me. For example; when I looked at my door; the frame looked askew; parts of the frame came towards me and bent diagonally; other parts veered away from me.
1:15- I have to lie down because it's become very intense; I am not sure if I am enjoying the experience or not.
1:30- I go to the washroom; urination is confusing. I watch as a towel on the floor sways like a leaf constantly moving but never getting closer or further away from anyother object in the room.
2:00- I lie on my bed for a few more minutes; there are voices in strange musical sounds i do not understand.
3:00- I'm able to talk to friends and communicate agian; my brain feels like its being put back together after being shattered or fragmented. I go through cycles of happy, paranoid, confused, understanding and these cycles become gradually less intense until I'm sober about 7 hours later. One thing I notice about mushrooms is that it's very easy to analyse and understand human behaviour; especially of those on shrooms; it becomes obvious what people are thinking; if they're being honest; if they have other motives; why they behave how they do. I understand all of this but never am able to express it as well as I understand.
That was my strongest shroom experience in a short form. I haven't really explained what I personally learned and gained from this experience but that is private. Be safe and smart.

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