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This trip actually has nothing to do with shrooms, but i have never tripped this hard on shrooms or anything before.

This trip actually has nothing to do with shrooms, but i have never tripped this hard on shrooms or anything before. On Halloween 2005 i was at home, i thought i would just chill at my house for the night so i decided to take 8 triple-C's about 10 minutes later my friend calls and asks if i wanna go pick up a sack of some dank and chill. The triple-C's seemed to be doing nothing so i went. We roll up to where we were getting the bud, but there was noone there, the place was deserted, so we decided to just stand outside and smoke a cigarette when all of the sudden 20 cars roll up and 100 people show up all in their Halloween costumes, everyone was high and drunk as shit, but noone had any bud to sell they all wanted it for later that night. so we sat inside by the gravity bong waiting for the next unsuspecting sole to load it up and so he came. he loaded a bowl and nearly cashed it so i barely got a hit. i told him i had 5 dollars and if he loaded me a fat ass bowl and gave it to me in one hit i would give him the 5 bucks. we loaded it and lit it up. this was the fattest hit Ive ever seen anyone take and i took it. it filled the entire container with a burning dark yellow smoke. i popped the cap and inhaled the entire thing and got burns on the inside of my mouth because of the heat. by this time i had completely forgotten about the triple-C's and they had just started to kick in. after i was done coughing i continued to drive my friend and myself home. driving had become somewhat like a video game as i flew down neighborhood streets at 60 and couldn't figure out why my friend was screaming so much. but i finally made it home and walked to my room. when i shut the door behind me i didn't move for 10 minutes just stared at the ground and thought about what seemed like everything. then sat on my bed and looked at myself in the mirror...this is when it got scary... my image in the mirror started standing up and sitting down over and over but i myself was just sitting still. then everything in the mirror appeared as if it were a poorly drawn crayon drawing and everything started to move but only in the mirror everything else was normal. then i heard the laughter of what seemed like 100 children directly in my ear then saw 20 kids running around my room, but only in my mirror, then it felt like someone pushed me in the chest as hard as they could and when i fell back onto my bed all the children laughing gave out a shriek of horror. i then snapped out of it and looked around the room and saw the outlines of all the kids standing there, just staring at me, i shook my head and opened my eyes again and they were gone. i couldn't figure out what was happening. i then turned out all the lights and curled up in my bed talking to myself saying "ill be OK i just need some sleep, i need to sleep, i need to sleep" but every time i closed my eyes i saw intense 3d designs, normally this would have been cool but these were so intense it hurt my body and felt like some one was punching my eyes when i saw them. i was still curled up in a ball in my bed when it felt like something was pulling on my leg, then my legs shot out to the end of the bed uncontrollably as i curled back up it happened again, then i was violently pulled all the way out of my bed and then passed out and woke up standing in front of my computer just clicking the mouse over and over as fast as i could, then got back into bed but turned the lights on. i felt something pulling again and looked and could see that the shadows in my room had come together to form a living mass which i believed to be a demon and then i was pulled out of my bed again and woke up in front of the computer again. i then began thinking of what might be wrong with me, "was there LSD in that hit i took, am i overdosing on those pills, did i already overdose, i must be dead and this must be hell, I'm never going to get out of this room." i then tried going to sleep again, i did fall asleep for what seemed like for hours but was at the most 5 minutes woke up to the shadows bigger and more violent than ever pulling me out of bed again, this happened about 5 more times. then i decided to call my friend and tell him what was going on. it was about 2 in the morning on Tuesday and i had school the next day. i called him and told him i was dying or i was on LSD, he didn't believe a word i was saying, but it scared the shit out of him to think that i had lost my mind. he then told me to go to bed and stop freaking out and i yelled i cant man! i then felt a burning in my stomach i ran to the bathroom and just as i shut the door behind me i spewed what looked like a dark red substance on the ground and the toilet, i thought it might be blood, but realized i was trippin and it wasn't really blood. i then looked in my mirror and saw no color in my eyes but white and black. my pupils had engulfed my eyes. i then tried to go back to bed but ran into my mom who had heard the ruckus and had woken up i told her i was sick and went back to bed. after about another half hour of rocking back and forth on my bed and cooing myself saying that i would be OK i finally fell asleep and didn't wake up until about 7 the next night. i am 17 and go to a private christian school

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