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Sense of Non

So many scattered thoughts in time, it's incredible forever even seemed this far away.

So many scattered thoughts in time, it's incredible forever even seemed this far away.

Ah, what a trip...I am the authour of the not-too-intense trip titled "one Indian Girl". That was 3 months ago...I'm not sure if this one is a level 4, or 5 experience, so allow me to explain...

I was with two other girls, let's call them Erica, and Reina. We work together, and spoke of tripping together for some time. On this decided day, we went to the beach. The weather was magically amazing. It was a little overcast, but the best thing about it was the mist in the air. We arrived around 5:00, and the fog was slowly drifting through the air.

We hiked down a series of stairs to the beach, and we had to climb past these rocks before we reached our little destination. We settled on this area that was secluded, and seemed to be our own, misty, cool part of the beach. We all downed 1/8. I, being quite tiny, and of low tolerance, wasn't sure I should take that much, but I just KNEW it would be fine...Isn't it funny how you just KNOW...?

The trip began with these incredible body highs. I had a Mideveil Babes C.D., and it remended me of angels singing. We sat on the blanket, and taled for a while about people we worked with,etc. I felt a rising problem with my close friend Ben. Ben and I have the same birthday, and connect very well. I began to have feelings for him, and both girls helped me work it out. I then concluded that Ben was an "illusion of the man I love." Whatever that means. So the trip moved on, because I needed to get past this problem in order for it to.

We talked for a while more, and Erica brought up ghosts. She has sensed them for a while. Reina then said she was afraid of the dark. As soon as she said this, I knew she meant "The Dark", and I knew it was THERE. I felt a very dark presence among us...I wont say "spirit" or "ghost". But it was a true part of the universe. Erica said she was almost ready to face it, but Reina and I agreed tht we don't have to know everything, because this was here to destroy. I right then and there declared my space...

We had a right to our space, and though this darkness is just another part of the universe, we were not people who would allow it to fuck with us. So I was rambling on about "declaring our space" when the tide began to move up. The other two were a little bothered by this, but I knew that the universe was truly guiding our trip, and we had to obey, and move on. So we did. We had been there for about 4 hours ( As if time is really relative), and we hiked back. That's when I felt that Ben was in front of me, and we were a foreign couple from another time period. Of course, he wasn't even there...

As we walked back to the car, I was VERY overwhelmed. I realized that time was something man has created, and things are FOREVER. I couldn't get enough of life, because it, along with everything else, is INFINITE. This made me want to do everyhthing at once. I did'nt know how to handle myself, and I would laugh like crazy, and randomly grip my forehead and yell"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" This infinite, grand universe is fucking amazing, and we need to wake up and realize that there is more to life than "Me,myself, and I." The stretch of time is forever, and ther'es this nameless, faceless, untitled, THING that we are a part of.


After the trip, we went to a bar, because my two buddies promised that they would to some people. All of these work people were there. I was still overwhelmed, and I dismissed those that I liked based on how shallow thay were. I could'nt bear to be around these drunken geniuses who daily get drunk, fuck eachother, and pass out, never realizing that there is something GREATER that they are a part of. It's beautiful. Even art and music and screaming don't even REMOTELY express the eternal greatness of this universe!!!!

Who am I but a mere human sharing my space with spirits, and sound, and evil, and forever. It's all one nameless existance. After hearing the babble of the fools at the bar, I declared, "I'd like to plug my ears from the sense of this non".

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