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Self Sex?

I was at senior week with a bunch of buddies.

I was at senior week with a bunch of buddies. Three of my friends and I tripped. My story was one of a kind. I ate most of my portion of mushrooms and over a period of an hour with cheetos! MMMmm. It kicked in hardcore about and hour later. Hours later, not in this world, I strolled to the beach. I was by myself and I layed my blanket down. It was about 4pm when I did this. When I layed down, I poured into to the sand for a 2 hour session of me having mushroom induced sustained sexual sensations. I was grunting softly thinking no one would hear me and they didn't. It was beyond this world. So I left then still tripping out of my mind. I went back to our beach house where everyone who came was there. I then took what was left of my mushrooms and cooked them in chicken noodle soup. Over all, my trip lasted from 2pm to 7am lasting 17 hours of pure happiness and amazing susceptibility.

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