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Seizure or Tremor Effects

THe first time I ate Mushrooms i had a whole 1/8, of some small but potent mushrooms.

THe first time I ate Mushrooms i had a whole 1/8, of some small but potent mushrooms. My friends and I sat in the woods tripping all day long thinking and staring at the sky, earlier attempts to pack weed in a bowl to smoke failed. I didn't feel hungry or thirsty the whole time i was trippin. HOurs later i started to come back to reality. Before i went home i stood up too fast and got really dizzy. I tried to walk it off but it just kept getting worse. Finnally i told everyone i felt funny and i passed out and had a seizure. I felt like i was gone for hours and when i came too all i remembered was seeing white. i was extremely thirsty and i charged inside for water. Everyone was scared and shocked at what they saw. Some spoke of never eating mushrooms again. About a month later i ate another 1/8 of some good shrooms. I started trippin hard, and after what seemed several hours i tried to get up and get something to eat. I definately had not peeked yet off the shrooms. I stood up and started to get really dizzy like last time. I grapped a big cup of water and sat down. I said i wasnt feeling good. I drank the water and started sweating really bad. I started feeling better and thats when it happened, I peeked, i started seeing the trees and walls breathe and move. I tried to talk but nothing i said maid any sense. When i closed my eyes i began to see objects floating around and colors and shapes began to swirl. I saw and heard music playing. I saw a small galaxy swirling around. when i opened my eyes i came back to reality and the walls were still there but never seemed to stop moving. I felt really tired after that and wanted to sleep, then i thought i would die in my sleep so i stayed awake and watched the simpsons which helped everything get better.

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