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First Time Trip

Ive wanted to do shrooms for a long time but getting shrooms where I live is a difficult thing to to do.

Ive wanted to do shrooms for a long time but getting shrooms where I live is a difficult thing to to do. Knowing that someday I would come across and finally get my hands on some magic mushrooms I throughly educated myself about the drug.

Finally me and my friend got news that shrooms were avaliable. My friend and I bought five grams of almost all caps and decided that we would trip later that night with another close friend who wanted to trip.

When the time came it was unfortunate to say that we didnt have a scale so we had to freestyle our appropriate doses. I got the most and with a guess would say it was around 2 grams. The plan was to gobble up the shrooms walk to a nearby hangout and meet up with some friends later that night.

Around 8 we ate the shrooms and proceeded to walk to our hangout. I made sure that before ingesting the shrooms that I was in a positive state of mind.

At 830 there was no pronounced "high" but we all agreed that something was "different". After purchasing a pack of stogs and smoking one I started to feel a very enjoyable body high.

At 9 a huge smile spread across my face and I started to laugh at everthing my friends did. I was the happiest I had ever been in my life, moments later the visuals began. At the time I was wandering around having very abstract thoughts, watching a spider on the cement was particularly fun. The first thing that I noticed was the cracks in the ground would move slightly.

From then on I lost almost all track of time. But it didnt matter everything in nature was beautiful. I brought along my cd player and decided at one point to put it on. The music was amazing and went along with everything I was seeing. Looking at the night sky was mind boggeling, the stars would move and flashes of stars would speckle across my vision even after looking away from the sky.

Thats when I saw one of the most beautiful things I ever seen in my light. Looking back up a jet was flying by, but the jet moved extremly slow and was illuminated in the strangest but magnifeicent way. As it passed by I noticed that it changed into a halo that was extremly bright and had a gold hue to it. It continued onward to its destination shooting stars were everywhere almost following the jet, I could see the "galaxies" moving one going one way two others flowing the other way. Then once again the jet changed shape into a spacecraft thats used by NASA but it was bright red and had a very fuzzy surface. The whole time this was happening every part of it seemd to coincide with the music coming from my head phones.

After that my friends and I walked around by ourselves each in their own world. Only speaking to one another when such a amazing hallucination occured that we felt the need to speak of it.

For the remander of my trip I would wacth nature, noticing every blade of grass and every branch of a tree. I also found myself staring at walls and watching my friends faces morph and change.

All and all it was a great night. All I can say is that if its your first time then you should educate yourself about shrooms, and remember that its only a drug. At times things took on a evilness to them, but I reminded myself that it was just the mushrooms and that I was tripping. I also reminded myself that mushrooms are a reletivley safe drug on the body and that it was just a mind drug.

I cant wait to trip again.
Have a Nice Trip.

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