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Seeing is Believing

Well, I'd like to write about a very unusual, short part of a trip I had once.

Well, I'd like to write about a very unusual, short part of a trip I had once.....

I was on holiday in my native country (Armenia), and one of the treats I was to receive was some incredible mushrooms from a friend who had grown them himself. The reason the mushrooms were "incredible" was in the way they were grown. My friend used a method of growing them in "tryptamine" which he said changed the quality and intensity of a normal mushroom trip.

The same friend and me consumed about 5grams of these in his small house (that's equivalent to about 15 grams of normal cubensis mushrooms). We also consumed powdered ginger (bought in health food stores) which helped with the stomach and nausea, and had some passionflower extract to have a calm trip (he said that his mushrooms make u slightly over hyper). Since we were taking a relatively large dose, one of our friends would keep a look out on us (he only smoked some weed).

The trip set in as normal (what is normal in the land of mushrooms), and I had a mind blowing trip, with interactions from rhinos jumping over my hand (or a huge mountain) and other such delights; but the most incredible, frightening, unexplained thing happened at around the peak of the experience. I was lounging about on the sofa thinking/meditating and I realised that I had to at some point get up and take a quick leak. I was myself surprised at the clarity and "normality" of this thought and got up to go to the toilet. The walk there was not particularly psychedelic as such (i.e. morphing colours, shapes patterns) but mental: everything seemed like one of the lucid dreaming experiences I once had, I walked steadily to the loo, observing the lack of or instability of the gravity, and the realisation that I could think in one dimension (the lack of opposites, good-bad, Ying-Yang, time-space). Anyway as my journey ended in the inside of the bathroom, I OPENED MY EYES. I am not saying this in a symbolic way, I physically opened my eyelids, the picture around me was confused for a second, but then I could see everything I saw before, but with a slight bit more clarity and the psychedelic melting and morphing of colours was present again. I took my piss (as it flowed in a spiral, slightly stimulated by sound, it waved with the frequencies of the background noise).

In a sober state the next day I approached my friend who was watching over us, and he told me about my expedition to the toilet, he also said that in his stoned frame of mind, it appeared to him like I was joking, just to confuse him and that’s when he burnt himself with a joint end, because he was laughing so much (that's where that bubbling waterfall sound came from). He definitely saw me walking around with my eyes closed, with little disorientation.

Hmmmmm..... it makes me think: sleep-walking while on shrooms? I have no idea, but I wonder if anyone else had a similar experience?

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