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Second Time--Homegrown

So a friend and I had just gotten done growing some mushrooms, B+ and we decided it was time for another experience.

So a friend and I had just gotten done growing some mushrooms, B+ and we decided it was time for another experience. So earlier in the evening we turned our dried mush into powder using a coffee grinder, and then loaded them into pills, we came out with 16 pills.

Later in the evening, at a party of sorts, people had been playing music, boyfriends cuddling with girlfriends, stuff of the sort, i found myself fairly bored.(Seeing as I have no girlfriend and at the time my arm was broken, so no music to be played)

So I got my pal away from his girlfriend shortly before her time to leave, then we consumed our doses, 8 pills each.

I was mildly stoned, not a "mind" stone but more of a body high, so i initially didnt notice when the mush kicked in. I was sitting in a room, with my tripping buddy, and his GF, when at the same time we looked at each other and aknowledged we were feeling it hard.

He then wandered outside with a more or less sober friend and I stayed int eh room. his girlfrind was laying on a couch, pinstriped, and I started to describing to her how behing the stripes was a mass of "seething" greens and purples. I could speak only in rymes, and She seemed marginally interested in my descriptions, and after a while simply told me to quite down so i wouldnt wake the parent's company. So I set out for the great outdoors.

At this point the trip took and extreme turn, all sense of time dissapeared. I was standing in the middle of a field, making noises with my mouth, the noises were a completley new sensation.

Speaking of sensation, it was extremely cold that night, but standing out there the cold was a completely new feeling, i was enjoying, but couldnt lose the subconscious program that teh cold was a negative thing, so after a while (it seemed like a long time, but at the same time it seems as if it was only an instant) i headed into the "cabin" or music room, where whoever still remained was at.

I staggered in there just as the girls were leaving, and one asked me what i was looking at (i was staring intently at the wall), and i muttered something about letters and words (it looked like alphabet soup on the wall).
She simply laughed and continued on her way, and i crumpled to the couch, and found myself alone in the cabin. the beatles were playing, Abbey Road i think the album was. It was a familiar album to me, but I was tripping hard on the music, it began to convolute.

At this point some friends returned, and the trip began to take a bad turn. One guy didnt like the idea that we had taken mushrooms and not shared the wealth, and began intentionally trying to freak us out. He convinced me that he had set my hair on fire and a good half of my head had burned bald. I have fairly long hair, so this was quite a dissapointment to me.

So I took a step outside onto the porch, to escape the atmosphere in there, adn my tripping/growing compadre stepped out too. This was our only dialogue for the night:
(Im D, he's E)
D: Yo
E:Fuckin A yea! (he doesnt usually talk like this, so it was pretty funny)
D: I guess we did something right growing these bad boys!
E: ...so harcore...insane

And thats that. So I continued to trip really crazy like, the ground seemed to tip vertical and form walls and stuff, when i was outside, and the stars formed strange patterns. I went back inside, layed down on a tye dye mattress (it was pretty crazy to lie down on, but it was soaked in beer, so i was kindof unhappy.

Abruptly i was felt extreme nausea, stepped out onto the porch and vomited, not a lot, but it was the worst tasting thing ever. So I washed it down with Kiwi/Strawberry soda, the most amazing thing ever at the time.

At this point I went to the house, and upon...entering the house there was a lady standing in the kitchen, a guest of my friends parents. She was suprised to see me, and i was mortified at the sight of her...i realised i had to try to seem normal, which was especially difficult seeing as the trip was taking a progressively bad turn. I muttered something about orange juice, then went into my friends room and retired to a fitful nights sleep.

During the trip i had long times of serious introspections, self evaluation of character. I realised how i fit into the social structure, and I felt i had no defined personality, becuase there isnt one group i identify with, I hang out with a variety of people and groups. I felt like a chameleon, or, as Jim Morrison put it "Im the changeling, see me change!"
I thought this was a bad thing in the day following the trip, and tried to limit myself to one group, bu trealised it was a good thing, and with this i solidified myself into a few sets of close friends, from comeplete different social groups, and now feel generally better about myself.

This introspective angle of the trip was a definite positive, it allowed me to evaluate and correct my personality shortcomings, which is something I could not have done without these wonderful fungi!
Sorry its so long, but that was the only way to do it...hope you enjoyed it.

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