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Screwing with the universe


Ok. To start, I managed to get my hands on a free ounce of shrooms. Since I had a ton, i sold about 4 grams to a loose friend of mine and kept the rest for me and my buddies. I thought there would be at least 4 of us tripping on this particular night, but in the end it was only me and another guy. We decided to eat the whole rest of the ounce, so each of us had about 12 grams.

It was rediculous, we couldnt explain anything that was going on to the other people with us that werent tripping. Though I rate this a level 4, I would imagine it was very on the border of level 5.

Even though it seems like such a simple concept, time was the hardest thing to grasp in the new world we entered. In other trips I could at least rely on the fact that if somebody told me the time, I would know that the time would be at least that time the next time I wanted to know. In this trip, I couldnt even tell that time should be going forward. However, to avoid a bad trip, as always, beforehand I told myself that all of the things I would have to do like working 2 days later would be after the effects of the trip had long worn off, so I know as long as I was tripping (which I thought could never end because of the time distortion), I wouldnt run into any scheduled events.

As you can imagine, we had a pretty powerful trip. 12 grams dried is just rediculous.

At one point of the trip I went outside and began to take a piss. I didnt think I could manage to hit the toilet so going outside made a lot more sense. I was taking a piss on some cracked mud that looked like fractals when I decided to make different shapes with my stream. The fractals followed the general shapes I was making, it was rediculous.

Another strange occurance happened when a friend of mine began to be a bit negative towards me and my friend tripping. As a back story, I have found that a bad trip and a good trip have very different looks to them. In a bad trip, all the patterns you see, especially in faces, look like they're trying to push outward, colliding into one another out and out of harmony. It's a very disgusting look when compared to the flowing peaceful nature of a good trip. Anyhow, when my friend started acting differently, I saw him change from the serene complimetary good trip visuals into the bad trip. He visually formed into a bad trip look on himself inside a world of good trip visuals that were everywhere else. The look of the bad trip started to spread across the floor as my mood began to change, so I left the room before the bad trip look would take over the entire room.

The most fun part of the night I had was when I took a look at my friend in another room and the room he was in went black and white. He, himself, retained his colour though. After I saw this, I came up with an idea that, looking back, I shouldnt have expected to work. I moved my hand around touching a wall in the room I was in and changed everything I touched into black&white. As well, the room that was black&white started to pour into the room I was in, and then eventually went back to normal.

What blew my mind the most was the connection between what we were both seeing. We would watch the same thing for a while and see patterns swirling out of control, and then one of us would snap our fingers and say "stop" and the pattern would stop moving. We would describe things as different colours and they would change on the fly.

At one point, we opened the fridge and took a look at a box of coke. At the bottom of the fridge there was a red material, so we thought we spilled the coke because the red from the box flowed into the red material. We were then convinced that coke was red, and eventually, that the walls were red. It wasnt as if we were only convinced though, we actually saw the red all over the room.

Also, we experienced some synesthesia when we took a look at a chair outside, which was brown, and could smell the colour of it. We took a look at other colours and got different smells from them, despite being blatantly out of range of any possible smells.

Overall, we both experienced complete euphoria. At the time I could not imagine being any happier than I was. I frequently said things like "if this is all that happened for the rest of my life, I would be happy". The world was so dynamic and seemingly perfect that I never wanted to leave and never thought I could.

If you know you wont have a bad trip and you have a friend of two to join you, I would highly reccomend using upwards of 10 grams. Despite everything I've written, the expericence was completely impossible to describe.

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