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school tripping

I had gotten an 8th of these incridable shrooms from my kind bud dealer, a half an 8th was enought to get you tripping balls!

I had gotten an 8th of these incridable shrooms from my kind bud dealer, a half an 8th was enought to get you tripping balls! So anyway on the ride to school in hte morning, (not knowing the power of my shrooms) i ate half my 8th, thinking id be cool for the day, ha this was hte start of the most fucked up school day ever. So i get into school, starting to get all wierd and shit, after homeroom about 45 mimutes after i ate them, i stepped into the hallway and all these beams of light hit me and i knocked to the ground, then realizing that i had just fallen on my face in front of like 100 people i ran into the bathroom into one of the stalls to catch my breath and try to see if i could make it to my class...so i did, i hurried to my class and sat down, i was with some of my real good friends so i got more comfortable and no longer was scared, instead i was lauhging so hard my face was purple and my teacher sent me out of the room for acting up...out there i was wondering around in circles laughing at my self smoking a ciggerate i nthe hallway...after about a mintue or two i realized that i had lit up a ciggeate in the hallway so i quickly put it out, then the bell rang, which seemed like 5 mintues and i was off to my next class...spanish, in spanish we were taking pictures of our selves for a project...this was no good, my teacher called me up there and i was cracking up getting my picture taken, hte polaroid came out and my eyes were huge and looked like a freak...i couldnt believe it. so i sat in my chair and sank into it...now i was tripping harded then ever had before...i was staring at the floor becuase it was tiled and a cool design on it, it whirled around and created a hole were the other chairs and shit was getting sucked into it, then the bell rang and it went all beack to normal, off to math class...my teacher was very old and freaky looking...i was tripping sack and then she was grabbing her neck and her head fell off and melted on the ground, hten the rest of her body just melted to the ground into this puddle of human...i was sitting near the door and i just ran out in to the hallway not knowing what do i went to the bathroom where all my stoge smoking friends are, it was relly hot and smokey in the bathroom and it was bothering me, so i lit up a ciggerate and my vision went black, i couldt see a thing, my eyes were open and i couldt see, one of my friends said he was leaving and wanted to give me daps and i said i coudlt see his hand, he said ok...and left, my other friends were like what the hell is wrong with you and why are your eyes huge...they put 2 and 2 togther and realized i was trippin my balls, i told them i couldnt see and they threw water on me and my vision came back, hat was very scary not being able to see for like 10 mintues, almost ran down to the nurse to tell her what was happening to me but it was all right...then i went to sicence were we had a lab, i was acting up and being goofy and then we had to be quiet and on the blackboard all the stuff w2as erased on it so it was all chalky...hte chalk started moving around and it spelt out "YoUr GoInG To DiE" my mouth dropped and i turned pale, my buddy goes whats wrong , and i swallowed and said look at the board, he didnt see what i was so i asked for a pass to the lav and beciuase it was last period i went to my rides car out side and waited for her to come out...when i got home my trip was wearing off and my mom asked me why one of my eyes was big and the other not big, i said i didnt know and then layd in my bed listenging to pink floyds dark side of the moon from about 3 - 7 where i then fell asleep...what a day

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