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well... this is the first time I ever tripped. Now.. I was goin to get some shrooms this day and eat them after first period, but I was unable to get any shrooms so instead I got some acid. I got 5 hits of acid, but I only paid for 2 of them, so three of them belonged to two other kids. Ok, ok, after first period I went in the bathroom, and dropped one hit, and then went to class. After about a half an hour I started to fell kinda funny (keep in mind this was my first time ever tripping, so I didnt know what to expect). It seems like every time I smoke weed, i just want to keep smoking and smoking it, and get more and more high. After second period it was really goin in to effect, the ground started to move, and any wood that I saw started to spin. After goin throught third period I felt like I wanted somemore so I went to the bathroom and dropped another hit, and then went to fourth period. In my fourth period class there is two kids that sit next to me that know I smoke weed, and those kids figured out that I was on something, so I told them i was on acid. I was tripping out hardcore, I saw my fourth period teacher's hair start on fire, so I got kinda scared, but I was lucky and made it throught that class. In my next class I sit in the back, so I just laid my head down the whole class, and just tried to stay calm. Next I went to lunch, but before i went up to lunch one of my friends that knew i had some acid asked me if he could buy I hit, so I said sure, but three of the hits were not cut yet so i had to go to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom, I decide to take another hit, so I tried to bite on of the hits off of the three that were attached, but my twesers sliped off the three hits and they all went in to my mouth! I didnt wnat three more hits, and I was already tripping pretty god damn hard so I got kinda scared. After I explained to my friend why I couldnt sell him I hit, I begun the journey to the lunch room. Everybody I passed took some weird form, like an animal, and one persons face turned into Bill Clinton's face. I didnt know this until the next day but one of my friends told me that it took me 20 minutes to get to the lunch room. After lunch I decided that there was no way i could go to class like this so I skiped and just sat in the bathroom enjoying all the weird things I saw. Then was my seventh period class: Keyboarding. I just told the teacher that I didnt fell good, so I went to the nurse and just laid down the rest off the day looking at the ceiling laughing at all the fucked up faces I saw on the ceiling. This is getting pretty long, and i was tripping till like 9:30 at night so Iam not goin to try to explain all the crazy shit I saw when I got home. All together I think I was a pretty good first trip!

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