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Scattered Reality

We arrived at our chosen destination about an hour before sunset.

We arrived at our chosen destination about an hour before sunset. We sat in a small clearing surrounded by healthy and beautiful evergreen trees. There were four people in the group, too of which (one being myself) were taking part in the mushroom voyage. We got comfortable with the aid of some excellent buds and talked about whatever as me and my tripping companion began to break up our mushrooms. I put mine in a small plastic canister (about as big as a film container) to hold them as i chopped them up finely with scissors, my friend (who we'll call J) just busted his up with his fingers into chunks. My mushrooms were basically powdered. J drank his chunks in a glass of OJ and i did the same with mine. I could feel the slimy bits oozing down my throat but i didn't taste them that much. I smoked a popper to realax a bit. Then without warning about 5-10 mins after ingesting them they kicked in like a mother fucker. My body had a tingling sensation that was slowly spreading out from my stomach outwards to my extremities. Colours seemed very vibrant bright colours gave me insane tracers. I was beginning to become uncomfortable because of they were kicking in very quickly and very powerfully. Then without warning i was hurled into the thows of ego death. I struggled hard with the idea that there was a me. It felt as though my body was being twisted and warped like clay, like a million hands at once were pushing and pulling and stretching me in every imaginable dimension. Then there was a bright light infront of my eyes. I saw it even if i closed my eyes and covered them with my hands. i sailed into oblivion at light speed and then i was through. I remember not having a body, i was submerged in a world of colour and light patterns, where knowledge is inherant. I knew everything for a few breif moments. Then i was back. I lay in the wet grass of the clearing writhing around. It was freezing cold, the temerature had been going down with the sun... And i was tripping hardcore. Everything was animated. The trees all undulated with a life of their own. I heard alot of strange sounds, like loud, very alien sounding noises that flanged and seemed to come from random places arond me. We decided it was too cold to stay out and chose we'd go to my house. But our sober friends wanted to go the the store. So we walked. The road was composed of a million layers of squirming snakes (the same colours and texture as the pavement) all intertwined into one mass. And the street lights seemed to bend away from me in the middle as if my body was repelling the metel. It was windy and cold out but it was beautiful. The huge puffy clouds in the sky were made even more beautiful by the purples and oranges and yellows that the sunset cast. When i looked at a car i could see through the outside and see all the parts working within, it was truly amazing. When we got to the store the two sober people went in. J and i stayed outside, he made whimsical comments about the movment of the trees in the distance and the way the sidewalk was crawling all over. He had just come up and was tripping smoothly. The whole time we waited there there was this guy pumping gas outside the store. He just stood there for like five minits staring at the pump. Whenever i glanced over there it became increasingly difficult not to laugh because he was turning into a rather stupid looking ogre like being, and he just stood there, and stood there, and stood there, and he kept getting funnier and funnier to look at and therefore harder not to look at. Thankfully our friends were finished in the store and we left before i began to laugh out loud... but even after we left he guy was still sitting there staring at the pump. heh. two of my friends went to pick up a car and J and i began to walk in the gereral direction of home marveling at the beauty of the clouds and the plant life around us. The rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful. The mushrooms as usual, showed me many enlightening things in the later stages of the trip. The next day i awoke tired
but in a good mood until i saw i had no weed left! I'm pretty damn sure that because i chopped up my mushrooms so finely the psilocybin absorbed very quickly, leaving me unable to cope with the drastic changes my mind was undergoing simply.

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