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First Time Trip

It all worked out very well that day.

It all worked out very well that day. My friend and I had finally gotten a hold of some mushrooms and my parents had just left town for the week. So after school we raced back to my house and got everything ready. I'm glad that we took the extra time to plan it out because we had a great time. We only ate 1.6 grams of cubes each mixed into smoothies, so I was wondering if that would be enough. Well we were sitting in my room listening to the Flaming Lips and starting to feel the effects when I looked out at the very blue sky and decided it was time to go outside.
We crossed a busy road without any trouble and started down this path into the woods. We smoked a bowl and that really started the experience. The woods were all mossy and cool and suddenly very interesting. After a while we came to a neighboorhood and turned back. We stopped by this bridge and stared into the creek below. The water was turning all misty and swirling with patterns and lifting into various layers while the pebbles at the bottom were shimmering and shifting- all very cool. Then I walked to a tree and touched the moss. The tree was breathing and the moss was waving its tiny tentacles around. In fact the entire forest was very much moving around.
Walking out of the forest, I kept having a lot of thoughts about nature and my place in life, and the book Ishmael really started making sense. These deep thoughts continued through the night.
When we got home we ate falafel and went back to my room. Only an hour and a half had passed since we ate the mushrooms. We listened to Ravi Shankar and started frying out of our minds. My friend wanted to smoke another bowl but I didn't so I took my dog for a walk. I really felt connected to him as we walked into the field above my house. It was getting dark but the mossy grass was still growing and there were little neon flowers everywhere(in January). Then I all of a sudden had a total shamanistic journey and found a deer antler. My dog was going crazy and I took it back and washed it off. My friend and I were entranced by its coolness and we played with it for a while.
By now it was dark so we turned of the lights and lit a candle. I put on some Gemeni Specs that cause smiley faces to appear around light sources and went absolutely insane. My friend tried them and we decided that was enough. The rest of the night we stayed in my room and drew. listened to music, then I went on my roof which has an awesome view of the city and just sat there for a while thinking about all sorts of deep stuff.
The day after, I slept in and skipped school and got a lot of things done, then wrote this report. Mushrooms are definitely a lot of fun and I know I'll do them again.

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