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One Day my friend Tim came over with a nice sack of fungi.

One Day my friend Tim came over with a nice sack of fungi. It was a beautiful San Diego day about 2 in the afternoon when we started to consume the shrooms on a pizza we ordered from Dominoes. Not feeling anything for about 30 minutes we began to wonder if they were weak. We had consumed about 1/2 8th each and figured we should be feeling something at that time. We wandered onto my deck which overlooks a somewhat busy Highway in EL Cajon, California. About 4 o'clock they really began to kick in.

Tim and I were fully reclined in some deck chairs we had on the front deck. After several bowls I began to smoke a cig. Looking down at my hand the cig looked to be double its size and became very narrow. In fact, my fingers appeared to be about the width of a pencil and the cig about the same size. I was just in awe at this sight. Everything was amazing in that view. Looking from my deck you are viewing dozen of fruits trees, the highway and a mountain side. Green EVERYWHERE and a star filled (Even in the day) blue sky. About after an hour of viewing my hand I looked over at Tim who was just staring into the sky and we bust into an uncontrollable laughter. I don't know how long we laughed but it had to be for about 30 minutes. Tim mentioned something about God's hand and went back to a blank stare.

At about 6 o'clock at night the sun was setting and the site was amazing. The colors pulsating orange and red over and over throughout the sky. At about this time I felt the shrooms really kicking in. I walked inside and tried to watch TV but that didn't last very long. I began to experience HEAVY trails and I became very cold. My first thought was "Shit! I just took half 8th of some powerful shit!" At that moment things began to morph and I knew I was in for a trip. Faces on the wall, strange patterns on the ceiling, etc. I made a break for our backdoor (which had no knob/just a hole where it should be). I walked to the door and believe it our not tried to put my arm through the doorknob hole. Before I did that I did a strange dance like I was preparing to slide through this small hole in the door. It was like a warmup in preparation of my unhumanly act of fitting though a 6 inch diamter hole. I sliced my finger in the process and began to bleed from my finger. Looking down at my finger, blood began to spill over the floor. I stood there looking at my blood for minutes. Everytime my blood hit the floor I saw the molecules separate with the force of the fall onto the floor. I opened the cut and and saw the bone and lost it. At that point I thought I was going to die! I rapped my sweater around my arm and went outside.

I walked around my house for what must have been two hours thinking about what I was going to do. Should I call the ambulance or tough it out? At this point I was in the lost world. I did not even realize the outside world. I could barely make out anything. It was now dark and the area was not lit very well. Even after puking several times I did not even begin to come from my state. I fell face down in the grass and waited for the end. I remember looking at several blades of grass that I could only see because of the small glare from the moon. I continued to stare at these baldes of grass until I remembered my finger and got up and ran into the house again.

I would say about 9/10 I met Tim in the house. We could NOT even carry a conversation between us. The trails were massive! Tim was on the other side of the room. Shit! I was seeing about 5 versions of Tim and everytime he said my name all I could here was TODD,todd,todd,todd,todd....etc. The echos were amazing! Plus, Tim's face had morphed onto this water purifying box and that was tripping me out. It was a picture of a girl smiling while drinking water and earlier Tim's face morphed onto it. Tim must of been even more fucked up than I thought, because he is the master, and all he could say was..."Hey man! I'm going to drive home!" and he walked out the door. Tim left but he really didn't go anywhere because he sat in his car for about 2/3 hours listening to tapes of himself playing the drums.

Once Tim left I think I was at the height of my peak! If anyone has seen Black Sabbath's video of Iron Man that is what I was seeing. Everything became a blur and there were intense colors of yellow, red and orange everywhere. If I moved my head too fast the trails would be so intense I would have to close my eyes, which didn't help. Because I was tripping so hard the room (which has white walls) seem to get smaller and smaller. I went into the fetal position on the floor and thought that I was in a insane asylum. The sweater I had around my arm became the straigh jacket and I did not more from the floor. This went on until about 12 midnight. I didn't move much from the fetal position. For the next hour or so I just shut my eyes and talked myself down. Over and Over I said..."Everythings cool! You are just tripping balls! Everythings ok! You are not in a nut house!" At 12 I began to come down from my peak and was able to actually enjoy the high. No big events happened after 12 o'clock. The finger I cut was actually pretty deep and I bleed all of over my house. Tim first thought I was exaggerating my injury but the next day when he saw all the blood stains he was like..."HOLY SHIT! You bled THAT much?"

It was my most intense trip ever before and I'm not looking to ever go back there. 1/2 8th should not do what it did but that goes to show you never know how potent your shit is.

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